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The gas agency system will automate the booking process of the gas connection. It will allow a client to book the gas through the internet. The gas agency system will be designed with the help of ASP .Net, C# and SQL server. The application will use the internet to provide all the function. If a user does not have the internet, then he/she cannot use this application. The software will have a good interface with the user-friendly environment to provide easy access to the system for the user. The user can get the new connection by use of gas agency system.

gas Agency System Project

Existing system

In the present gas agency system, a user has to call the distributor to book the gas. However, to get a new connection a person have to visit the gas agency. The agency then verifies the document provided by the user. The verification takes time, and due to this, the client has to suffer. The current process is too slow and prone to error. They maintain the user details manually on a sheet of paper which is not a secure procedure to maintain any information. The Person who has gas connection need to keep a diary in which they note the details of each booking, but if it gets misplace than creates a problem.

Gas Agency System Snapshots

File details gas agency system add users gas agency system products gas agency system

Proposed system

In the proposed gas agency system, we use the internet to provide the gas service at home. The user can book the gas from our system. This project will also display the status of the current booking. If a user wants he/ she can store the information of the booking so that from the next time they can book the gas in one click. The information will be safe as it will need an ID and password to access the system. The gas agency will also maintain the user information through this scheme.


Admin: The admin will be the person who owns the software. The admin will be authorized by the government and will have access to details of a user of the application.
User: The user will use the application and will access all the features provided in the system.
Distributor: The gas agency will use this module to maintain the consumer’s details.
Connection: This module will help new user to get the connection. The user will need to provide some information to the gas agency through a soft copy. The client can also book a gas connection.
Login: To get the access to the gas agency system the user will need to enter the ID and password.

Software requirement

  • Operating system: Windows XP with SP 2 or above.
  • Database: MS SQL server 2005.
  • Technology: ASP .NET with C# .net
  • IDE: MS Visual Studio .NET 2008

Hardware requirement

  • Hard disk: 20 GB Minimum.
  • RAM: 512 MB Minimum.
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or above.

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