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Membership Management System


This Membership Management System project enables the user to add member data to the system. This is a simple interface which does need any login details. The purpose of this project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing membership data. This shall be saved in the database. The interface allows user to enter name of the member, date of birth, spouse name, address, phone details and save it in the database. The phone details include Work number, cell number, extension and fax details. The user shall be able to edit or update these fields once it is entered in the database. It is a simple UI which manages the data of members. This Membership Management System tool is developed using Visual basic which handles robust connectivity to databases.

Membership Management System

Existing System

The existing Membership Management System did not capture details using a tool. The member data was manually entered, As the organization grew, there would be large number of members. It would be a difficult task to manage the member data manually.

Membership Management System

This Membership Management System will enable the user to enter the data regarding members. The interface has various fields which are captured from the UI and stored in the database. There are many fields such as member name, date of birth, spouse name, telephone details including work, cell phone and extension details, address details include house number, street, city and zip code. It also includes member number. All the fields are captured from UI and stored on to the database. This provides as a directory for the users. Membership Management System is easy to manage member data through this tool. It will provide an easy way of maintaining records in the database. At any instant of time, a member data can be retrieved from the database and displayed. All the data is unique to a particular member. The member number is a unique number generated automatically through the system.

System Specifications


Member: This module shall have all the details regarding the member such as name, nick name, date of birth, house address including street, city, zip code and telephone details which includes work number, fax, cell phone details etc.

Some of the fields here are validated before saving on to the database. The data of birth is a calendar control field and cannot be directly keyed in from the user. The data gets validated at the interface level. Similarly, the zip code is also verified for numerical. There’s an upper limit for the number of characters keyed in. This will minimize the error that are encountered at the database while saving of these fields. Member number is a unique number and is generated automatically by the system. The telephone numbers are also verified at the user entry level. It allows only numbers and there is a maximum limit for the phone numbers.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor                    Pentium III 866 MHz
  • RAM                          256 MB
  • Monitor                      15”
  • Hard disk                    60 GB
  • Floppy drive               1.44 MB
  • CD drive                     LG 52x
  • Key board                   US Keyboard
  • Mouse                         2 buttons

Software configuration

  • Operating system       Windows XP Professional
  • Environment              Visual studio NET 2005 4.6
  • Language                   Visual Basic
  • Back end                    MS Access

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Membership Management System Abstract Project Abstract
Membership Management Source Code Project Source Code

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