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Online Hotel Reservation System


This Online Hotel Reservation System project aims at providing the user to reserve accommodation at hotels online. The system shall take the start and end dates from the user and check for availability of rooms. It shall check for the number of guests and reserve the rooms for the user. It can also modify the dates of reservation. This is a simple user interface which displays the information about the hotel, its contact address and the amenities at the hotel. It also provides the rates of rooms in that hotel. This tool shall enable the user to check for information regarding the hotel and reserve rooms. It enables the user to make payments online.

Existing System

The Reservation was not done online till now. The customers had to call up the hotel and make bookings depending on the availability. The information was given individually to all the customers who called for reservations. This was a difficult task.

Online Hotel Reservation System

Proposed Online Hotel Reservation System

This Online Hotel Reservation System will help the user to make reservation for hotels online. The user can check the availability of the rooms. The tool provides an option to input start and end dates of the booking. It also takes input such as the number of guests. Depending on the availability of the rooms the user can book the room. The user also has an option to update the reservation details. The user can view the room rates. He can check for different amenities provided by the hotel. The user can also know more about the hotel and its address. Also, gallery provides pictures of different type of accommodations. This would ease the customer to book rooms. The tool has an option to make payments online. The Interface is simple which uses latest web technologies. It’s well secure for payments

Online Hotel Reservation System Specifications


Hotel: This module shall have all the details regarding the hotel such as name, number of rooms, type, address etc.

Booking: This module shall have all the details regarding the start and end dates of reservation for different rooms.

Payment: This module holds the payment related information. It takes care of the payment for reservation online. It verifies and validates the payments done online.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor                    Pentium III 866 MHz
  • RAM                          128 MB SD EAM
  • Monitor                      15 inch color monitor or LED
  • Hard disk                    20 GB
  • Floppy drive               1.44 MB
  • CD drive                     LG CD drive
  • Key board                   Standard 102 keys
  • Mouse                         

Software configuration

  • Operating system       Windows XP Professional
  • Language                    PHP, CSS
  • Back end                     MS Access

Download Project

Online Hotel Reservation System Download Abstract
Online Hotel Reservation Source Download Source Code

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