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The purpose of this Library Monitoring System application is to manage and control all the activities of a library. Through this system, the user can borrow or return books. Can search for books. The user can generate reports which gives information about what books are borrowed by the users. In order to use the system, the user should login with the user name and password. Once the user is logged in, the user can search for books depending on the genre he has selected. A list of available books gets displayed. The user can borrow or return books using this application. The user can view the books that are overdue. Can view the date the books are borrowed or returned. The user can search for the books of his choice from the database. This Library Monitoring System tool is developed using Visual Basic projects and has connectivity to databases MS Access.

Library Monitoring System

Existing Library Monitoring System

The transactions related to book issue and book returns are managed manually. The student information and the account details are maintained manually. There is no quick access to the database ad search for specific books. All the records are maintained in books and it is a time-consuming task to note down all the information about transaction of books. There is no easy way to search for the books in the library online. It was difficult for students to search for books of different categories.

Proposed System

Library Monitoring System is a simple user interface which helps the students to borrow and return books in the library. The user can log in to the system and search for books of his choice and issue the selected book in the user’s name. The report facility will give the number of books borrowed by the user and also if there are any overdue books in his account. The Library Monitoring System will hold the details of the student like student name, student id, the book borrowed, the date of issue etc. The Interface also has an option to search for books in the library. Depending on the category selected the user can view all the books in that category. There is a menu option reports which shall enable the user to view all the books borrowed during a certain time period. It also displays if there are any books that are overdue. The interface is developed using Visual Basic in .net environment. The database used here is MS Access. The interface retrieves the data related to books from the database and displays it to the user.

System Specifications

Library Monitoring System Modules

Login: This module shall have the details regarding user login. It checks for valid user based on the user name ad password details specified.
Student details: This module holds the information regarding the student like student name, Student id,class, address etc. It also holds the data regarding book name, date of issue and the date it is due for return to the library.
Book: This module has the information on the book such as book name, author name, Unique book id, category, user id the book has been issued. These details are stored as tables in the database. It is retrieved through the interface and displayed to the user.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Intel dual core
  • RAM 128 MB
  • Monitor 15 inch color
  • Hard disk 20 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive
  • Key board
  • Mouse

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP Professional
  • Environment Visual studio NET 2005 4.6
  • Language Visual Basic 6.0
  • MS Access

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