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The main objective of the Simple Chat Room project is to create a chat application which helps different users to communicate with each other through a server connected. This is a simple chat program with a server and can have many clients. The server needs to be started first and clients can be connected later. Simple Chat Room provides a bidirectional communication between client and server. It enables user to seamlessly communicate with each other. The user has an option to login to the chat room. The user should be able to give the ip address of the server and the port at which he is connecting. The user can chat using this chat application. The server shall poll for other users that are active in the chat room and make those users visible. If the user at the other end is active then they can start a chat session. The chat is recorded in the application. The user can save the chat transcript or clear it based on his requirement.

Simple Chat Room

Existing System

Earlier there was no mode of online communication between users. In big or small organizations communication between users posed a challenge. There was a requirement to record these communications and store the data for further evaluation. The idea is to automate the existing Simple Chat Room system and make the users to utilize the software so that their valuable information is stored digitally and can be retrieve for further management purposes. There was no online method of communicating to different users. There were many different interfaces available in the market but this method of using windows sockets to communicate between nodes would be fast and reliable.

Proposed Simple Chat Room

This Simple Chat Room application will enable the user to chat with the logged users in the chat room. The server should be active. The users shall connect to this server at the predefined port number. To start using this tool, the user has to register with this tool. Through the valid login, password details, the application shall allow the user to use the chat room. The user shall be able to connect to this server and can chat with other users. The logged in user can view other active users in the chat room. The user can initiate the conversation through the chat window. For the communication to happen, both the users should have connected to the server. This application is developed using visual Basic projects. The windows sockets are used in the application for communication between client and server. They provide a robust way of communication between nodes. The user also can clear the chat transcript if required. It also provides an option to save the chat transcript. Users can view the status of other users in the chat room like if the user is currently online or offline or busy.

System Specifications


User: This module shall consist of the user details like the user id password etc. It shall also hold the Ip address of the server he is connecting to.

Connection: This module shall hold the connection details between the client and the server. The connection is done through windows sockets and all the network related details are included in this module.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Pentium IV
  • RAM 128 MB
  • Monitor 15 in
  • Hard disk 20 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive
  • Key board
  • Mouse

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP Professional
  • Language Visual Basic 6.0
  • Windows sockets

Download Projects

Simple Chat Room Abstract Project Abstract
Simple Chat Room Source Code Project Source Code

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