Angular JS Projects with Source Code

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Angular JS or Angular 1.x is front end technology similar to java script which executes using browser engine to render page. Now days this kind of front end technologies such as angular js, angular 2, react js etc are very famous and widely used for application development. As per industry trends these front end technologies are future as it reduce load on server end hence saving resources.

Angular JS Projects

Benefits of using Angular JS

  • Complete MVC architecture present with API.
  • Open Source and created by Google.
  • Comprehensive framework for all kinds of development work.
  • Makes unit testing very easy.
  • Advance features like dependency injection, routing and animations.
  • Direct DOM modification using angular js.
  • Supported by most of IDE.

Applications of Angular JS

  • E-commerce Apps
  • Social Apps
  • Weather Apps
  • Banking Apps
  • Travel Apps
  • User review Apps

Angular JS Projects with Source Code


Please find below list of almost 8 project which are build using angular JS or angular 1.x which can be used for academic project work or learning purpose.


Computer Solutions website   Download project
Template Store Shopping Website  Download project
My Contact App using Angular Js  Download project
Facebook Application using Angular Js  Download project
 Job Directory using Angular Js  Download project
 Knowledge Base Project  Download project
 User Authentication Project  Download project
 Instagram Gallery Project  Download project


You can run these projects using Node JS server which you can install from official site of node JS. Node JS will provide run time environment for Angular JS projects and makes development easy. These projects are from basic to advance level which can be used for academic project work. Angular JS technology stack helps developers to develop applications which are single page applications using integration of REST services. These application are quite responsive and provides good user interface to users as they are single page applications.

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