The purpose of this Pharmacy Management System project is to improve the maintenance and manipulation of the drugs in the medicals. The pharmacy management system will be used to minimize the time and resource by maintaining the details of the drug systemically so that the data can be used in possible quickest time. While the resource which is minimized are workforce, money, papers, etc. The system is user-friendly and will help the pharmacist. This Pharmacy Management System will reduce the burden on pharmacist and will make the system efficient by providing the more accurate details about drugs in the medical.

Existing system

Currently, the medical works are based on the manual process, and each work is maintained in the paper. The details of purchasing drugs, audits, sell reports maintained on the paper while anyone can enter into the system and can make changes in these reports, so it is not a safe method to keep the information on the paper. The pharmacist faces problem in searching the products from the self as it is not an easy method to remember about the place of each medicine. There no Pharmacy Management System which can alert the pharmacist about the end of the drugs.

Proposed system

The design of the pharmacy management system is based on the computer which will simplify the maintenance of the information, accessible and efficient. The Pharmacy Management System will provide the information about the end of the drugs in the medical so that the physician can order them drugs before the end. The pharmacist and nurses will get more accurate results at the time sell, about the details of the use of medicines and the dosages so that the system will become more reliable to use than the present system. The records of each work will be secure as to access the information the user must have to provide the ID and password in the system.

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System Module

Login:The pharmacist will get the access to the system by use of this module. They will need to provide the information about the user ID and the password given to them at the time of registration.
Register:The pharmacist will need to provide some basic details about them into the system after which they will get an ID and the password which they will use to login to the system.
Record:This module will provide the function to store the information about the drugs. While it will give information about dosage, cost and the place where it is kept.
Notification:This module will alert the pharmacist about the end of the drugs.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows 7 based system
  • Database : MySQL
  • Language : ASP.NET

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Intel i3
  • Ram : At least 1GB
  • Hard disk : 20GB or more

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