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How to install MySql on Windows


First step is to download the right package for installation of MySql on windows machine. You can download 32 bit  or 64 bit version on download page based on you system configuration. We will download MySQL Community Server 5.7.9 for mysql website for installation. Other MySql products you can download are given below:

  • MySQL Connectors.
  • MySQL for Excel.
  • MySQL Notifier.
  • MySQL for Visual Studio.

Step 1

Go to MySql website.

install MySql

Step 2

Click on download tab and then on windows tab as given below in snapshot.

download mysql

Step 3

Click on MySQL Installer link and scroll down on next page.

mysql installer

Step 4

Here click on second installer “Windows (x86, 32-bit), MSI Installer” to download MySql installer.

Install MySql

Step 5

You will get MSI File from mysql website as installable.

msi mysql

Step 6

Now double click this MSI file and click on run.

install mysql msi

Step 7

In next step accept the agreement and click next.

mysql accept agreement

Step 8

Select custom installation.

custome install

Step 9

Select the item that need to be installed. In this case we are installing My Sql server and connectors.

select to install mysql

Step 10

Click on next and you will see that items you have selected in previous step.


Step 11

In this step set the port number and protocol for MySql server for install Mysql.

set port

Step 12

Provide the password for database in this step.

Database password

Step 13

Select run MySQL server as service and at windows startup.

Windows Service MySql

Step 14

Click on execute on next step.

Execute step

Step 15

Final step and you are Done.


Step 16

Now open the MySql cmd from programs.

cmd mysql

Step 17

Provide MySql password which was set in step 12.

mysql password

Step 18

Now we will test our MySql installation by firing some SQL Commands. Initially we need to select some database which is already present inside MySql database. As this is new installation we don’t know about already present database, so we will create one database.

Now we have to select that database which we want to use. So we will select our newly created database to continue.

As we have selected our database we can now create table in that database. We will use below query for that.

sql commands mysql

You have successfully installed the MySql server on your windows machine.

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