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This project shall enable the university students to apply for internship programs. Through this interface the students shall be able to view the available positions for internship. It is a simple user interface which has two types of users admin and student. The student shall be able to login into the system and apply for positions. The interface provides a grid view which display the job name, description and the start and end date of projects. The student shall be able to search for a relevant job and apply for those positions.

Internship Portal Management System

Existing System

The university students used to apply for intern positions manually. The interface was not developed. The system was complex as the students had to search for available positions with all the departments. All the applications need to be filed manually and lots of staff is required to process that information. Lots of documentation process is involved which increases cost of operations for university. As the existing system is manual there are chances of corruption and less transparency is there as information can be tempered by anyone during process leading to less reliable system. 

Proposed System

The tool is developed using PHP and MySQL Database, CSS, JS. This new interface shall enable the students to apply for internship. To use this system, the students should have registered with the database. Each student shall have a login id and password. The admin shall have the rights to create and manage these users from the back end. When the students log in to the system, a grid view shall be displayed which displays all the open job positions. It also gives the details about the start and end date. It gives a brief description about the job. Using the apply button the student shall be able to apply for the job. University can post multiple internship openings for students and they can apply for those online only which will make it very easy for students to apply for internships. It will be very simple and easy to use system for internship programs.

System Specifications


Student: This module shall have the login details of the student. They can login to their accounts to see the available internships available for them and apply based on their field and requirement.
Jobs: This module will have the details of the jobs like the name, description start and end dates etc. University staff can create new internship available for students and set the start as well as end date. 

Hardware configuration

  • Processor P IV
  • RAM 512 MB
  • Monitor
  • Hard disk 60 GB
  • Mouse
  • CD drive LG
  • Key board Standard

Software configuration

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Language PHP, CSS
  • Back end MYSQL
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • JS

Download Project

Internship Portal Management Abstract Project Abstract
Internship Portal Management System Project Source Code

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