Multi-core processors seminar presentation

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    Multi-core processors seminar presentation
    A multi-core processors are the two or more independent execution units within a single component or a processor. With multi core processor, several instructions are read and executed at the same time and hence the processing speed is increased which in turn increases the performance. The multi-core processors were first introduced by Intel.
    Today, multi-core processors are used accross various applications domains such as graphics, digital Singal processing, networking etc.
    To improve the performance of the CPU, a combination of instruction level parallelism and thread level parallelism is used to develop a multi-core processors. Instruction level parallelism measures the number of computer instructions that can be executed at a time and thread level parallelism distributes the thread or the task accross the processors.
    The multi-core processors occupies a less memory space and also increases the clock rate.

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