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    Project Report Format

    The below format can be followed for project reports. This is standard format used with most of the project of computer science engineering project. If you want you can add or remove category based on the requirement.

    • Introduction of the project
    You need to add small introduction which can be abstract for the respective project. I will suggest to keep it as the high level overview of the project. You can add current system vs proposed system comparison to make it more effective.
    • Requirements
    This section consist of basic expectations from the system such as it need to have login page and profile page etc. You can divide project in modules and specify requirement from each modules.
    • System Development methodology used
    Specify the methodology used to develop this project it can be water fall or agile methodology.
    • About Front end
    You need to mention front end technologies used such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular JS etc,
    • About Back end
    Write about back end technology such as database used and Sql drivers used. You can specify oracle, MySql or postgres Sql database based on the database used in project.
    • Other Tools Used
    Mention tools used in the project such as Eclipse, visual studio, apche tomcat IIS server etc in this section.
    • ER diagram and Data flow diagram
    Paste all the diagrams you have for you projects such as class diagram, ER Diagram or data flow diagram. This is very important section for your project report.
    • Database Tables if used
    Provide all the tables details here and explain each and every column of tables. Specify any constraints on tables like primary key or foreign key if it exists.
    • Coding Section
    Write code here in modules or pages. You can distribute your project into modules and mention codes in project report based on those categories.
    • Forms
    Provide snapshots of the project here. Try to put only main functionality snapshots with test data or working project
    • Reports Generated
    Write about any data output or report from your project such as daily report, monthly report, sales report etc. This will make your report more complete.
    • Testing Techniques used
    Provide details about testing procedure used.
    • References or Bibliography
    Specify if any other source used foe this report.
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    Thanks for this project report format. Do you have sample project report ?

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