PHP projects with Source Code

PHP projects with Source Code


Welcome to the PHP projects section of our website PHP is server side programming language, So a piece of code will be executed on server irrespective of client machine.  Here I present you the 15 plus projects in php for students of computer science Engineering and Information Technology. Each project is provided with source code and database of project of PHP project. Some of the project topics are new and innovative ideas for PHP projects.

PHP projects need a server to run which can be WAMP Server or any other. So you need to install the first install a server for running these projects successfully. This is free resource so you can download each project for free. So now question arises how you can run these projects, its simple process.

  • Download the source code from respective page.
  • Now unzip and copy the source files to web root folder of server.
  • Import the database from the database files given with given project source files.
  • Now start the server and run the project from using by browsing the directory with local host.

Note : It is possible the you might get some error while executing, So we suggest you to put a comment on this page to address the issue with the project. 

 List of PHP projects 


Network Monitoring System ProjectNetwork Monitoring System
Crime Reporting SystemCrime Reporting System
Clinic Management SystemClinic Management System
Online Chat SystemOnline Chat System
Attendance Management SystemAttendance Management System
Online examination systemOnline examination system
Online Music LibraryOnline Music Library
Recruitment Management SystemRecruitment Management System
Student Information SystemStudent Information System
 Book shop management systemBook shop management system
University management systemUniversity management system
Rental Car management systemRental Car management system
Project management systemProject management system
Hostel reservation systemHostel reservation system
Stock investing Management systemStock investing Management system



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