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Vehicle Tracking Application Android



Vehicle Tracking Application Android

This Vehicle Tracking Application is of great importance for all those who wish to keep track of each and every relevant details about their vehicles. This Vehicle Tracking Application system is best suited for those people who give their vehicles on rent to some other people, also for those people who maintains a tourist travelling organization. This Vehicle Tracking Application system shows details about the fuel availability, how much kilometer has the vehicle already traveled and how much hours left by the vehicle work for more, repair and maintenance entry and also allow the GPS activation to track the position of the vehicle.

Existing System

In existing Vehicle Tracking Application system, the tracking of the information relating to the vehicles is not an easy task. Everything is done manually and takes a lot of time. Sometime, even after the accident such as when there is no fuel left, we get to know about it and this will lead to a lot of time and human labor  to control the situation in the existing system. Existing system has many faults which may sometimes even lead to serious hazard as well.

Proposed System

The proposed Vehicle Tracking Application system will help you to get all the relevant information about your vehicle. It will include the recent position of your vehicle, how much fuel is left in your vehicle, is there any other issue related to vehicle part’s or and repairing or maintenance is required. This Vehicle Tracking Application system will also keep track of the person who is in the vehicle or more precisely who is riding the vehicle. Last 10 years details about the date, service time, service parts and many more data which may be important for the vehicle or vehicle’s owner can be maintained via this application. You just have to open your web and you will get access to all the information which is tracked by this application.

Vehicle Tracking Application Module

The given android vehicle tracking application includes:

  1. Admin Module: This module keeps tracks of all the vehicles and update the latest versions of the system when needed.
  2. Vehicle Module: In this module, the vehicles are being authorized and details about them are being saved up in this module.
  3. GPS System Module: GPS system working and processes and requirement s are maintained in this module.
  4. Database Module: All the database are saved up in this module. Storage space is mainly obtained using the servers only.

Technologies Used

  • Core Java 
  • Java Advanced
  • Hibernate
  • SQL

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 40 GB.
  • RAM – 2 GB.
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above.
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor

Software Requirements

  • Eclipse
  • Android development kit 
  • Windows XP
  • JDK
  • Notepad

Download Project

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