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SMS Hiding Graphical Password




Project Abstract

SMS Hiding Graphical Password AndroidAs from the above title, it’s give you the clear picture what type of an application it is. It’s the android application which will responsible to protect your phone sms. Text based password is sometime guessed by the hackers and by other theft persons. We all know that, human beings can easily recognize the figure pattern and select their own particular figures. So, others cannot even able to guess what the password has been given.

                 The pattern will be human recognizable, thus users will get the feature of pattern recognition. Using the pattern recognition, the users who have set the password will only have the power to open their sms and no one can open their hided sms. Graphical password can be set by selecting different images which are available on your smart phone or through the give figure made available through the built in sms hiding graphical project.

Proposed System

It’s the sms hiding technique by which users can protect their sms, which is available on their smart phone. No matter whether their sms has been saved either to phone memory or to card memory. It’s the smart filter system which will analyze the content type and perform their work perfectly. If users do not like the available images which has been made available through this app, users are free to choose their images by browsing from gallery and set the password of their desired pattern. There are other options which is available with this app like, when someone want to delete your sms or try to send or read received sms, they have to enter the correct graphical password, in order to carry out their operations.


  • Using the technique of password through graphical images.
  • Pattern recognition system has been used to read and understand the exact pattern set by the user.
  • Apart from safeguarding your sms, you also protect from unauthorized users.
  • You can also set the graphical password based on the type of operations performed on the sms.
  • Hiding and recovery of hidden sms can only be uncovered using the graphical password and by using same pattern which has been used earlier.

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