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Smart Leap Android Project 



Project Abstract

Smart Leap Android ProjectSmart leap is an android based pattern recognition system which can help small children’s to learn the basics of alphabets and numbers.  It will help the children’s to improve their speaking and reading skills. Proper information has been given on every alphabets and topics which has been covered under this app. It’s the app, which will help the children’s to learn while they play. All the format has been made available in the game by which they can easily understand and recognize the every letters and numbers. So that children’s can know the basics of their learning.                                                                                 

Apart from basics, there are advanced learning modules which has been implemented like improving word power, learning basics of grammar, basic understanding of translations and conversion of English sentences in Hindi etc. It’s the system which will also able to understand the half written alphabets and number and represent it in proper format. Through this app, children can listen the alphabets and number pronunciation which will help them to speak clearly.

Proposed System

Till now, pattern recognition was available under the paid app, which is costly and we have tried to implement it in proper manner over the android platform. This application is free and can be used on any version of android which is available in today’s market. It will take less memory space and able to meet all the basic requirements which is needed in preliminary learning. Children’s who will use this android app, can interact with the system in easy manner. All the learning modules has been divided into different sections. Proper graphics and textures has been used with their vocabulary pronunciation. All the figures, letters and words are easily understandable. Its slate board uses the built in pattern to understand the entered characters and represent the latter in proper format with correct examples.


  • All the learning materials has been provided in animated format.
  • Use of understable graphics with large learning database.
  • Study modules has been divided into modules, by which study can be planned into Chapter wise.
  • Pattern which understand the written characters and present it in correct manner.
  • Clear pronunciation of every letters and suggestions to use.

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