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Railway Reservation System Project



Project Objective

Railway Reservation SystemAutomatic processing plays vital role for bulk amount of data and even that generating correct results and displaying correct information is one of the challenging task in this technological era. Among various organization our Indian railway network also deals and process bulk data every day. To make the processing task easier and saving correct information into the file system will help this organization to grow more and more and supports in our Indian economy growth. Among various tasks performed within this organization reservation of tickets is also a common task which takes place every day, so to manage this task efficiently, a new computer oriented system is required. In order to maintain privacy and security for each customers, each customers will have a valid login id and password to access their account and using their particular, they will able to make their reservation. Proper payment has been implemented and provided within the system, to make secure payment and keep their payment resources secured. Using the concepts of object oriented programming, this project has been divided into different modules which is to be carried out by classes and methods and final touch given by the objects which are allowed to access their variables and methods of a particular class.

Existing System

Existing Railway Reservation System not having feature of displaying appropriate messages for events and errors which occurs while accessing the system. Proper validation and session has not been set up by which it system not able to identify and differentiate users, so cannot be used appropriately for multi user environment. This Railway Reservation System  do not able to provide the details of customers transactions and their payment mode along with date, time and processing charges details. Making changes in information and perform administrative task was not possible while using existing system. It does not able to provide availability details to the passengers and system can only be used, when passengers know the train details along with their processing and charges details.

Proposed System

While using with this new Railway Reservation System , passengers will be provided with two options at this project home page and these two are: – Register and Login. If candidates do not have their account, they can create a new account and after completion allowed to access this system to carry out the task of making their reservation. If existing passengers have their account, they can access it by using their passenger id and password. Passengers will be allowed to search between source and destination and check availability of seats on particular date. Once the particular train will be selected, they can fill the information form along with total number of passengers and select appropriate payment source to make their final payment for making final confirmation of their reservation.

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Railway Reservation System Abstract Abstract Download
Railway Reservation System Source Code Download Source Code

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