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The condo management system is a desktop based application. A hotel management system will mainly use this system. As a hotel needs to store all the details about the customer means how many customers are present in the hotel, how many rooms are vacant, at what time a customer has entered the hotel room, etc. This software will maintain all this information automatically. The primary purpose of the Condo management system is to provide the information about any customer to the administration without much effort.

Condo Management System

Existing system

The present Condo Management System required a register in which the hotel management record the information of the client. Sometimes the manual process creates the problem as the customer details can be misplaced. The administration of a hotel needs to update the information of every customer when there are any changes occur. When the administration wants to know about any customer they need to search each page which takes a lot of time. The process is also not secure, as anyone can edit the information. To know about the number of room is occupied or vacant one needs to count the details of all the existing customer details. For the small hotel it is not a big problem, but for a huge hotel, it creates problems.

Present system

In the condo management system, we want to build a system which will manage the information of all the customer present in the hotel. The application will be desktop based, and a user will need to install the software to the system. The application will have the ability to maintain the information efficiently, and it will provide a user-friendly interface so that a user will not face any problem with the operation of the system. The administration of the hotel can get the information of any customer just by entering the ID of the client.

Condo Management System Module

This application requires three modules. Below each module is discussed in brief.

The customer:Through this module, the hotel administration can add or delete the client from the system. When a new customer arrives at the hotel, the hotel management will assign an ID to the client. The administration will also get to know about any client through this module.

The truncation: As the name suggest this module will delete or keep a customer to least important file. The customers who have come once or twice and has not come from a long time will go to this module.

The rooms:By use of this module a hotel management will get to know about the free rooms available in the hotel.

Software requirement

  • Operating system: Windows based system.
  • Front End: Microsoft Visual Basic 2005.
  • Back End: C#.NET
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Hardware Requirement

  • Processor: Pentium 4.0(n 1.6GHz) or higher.
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard disk: 40 GB

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