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Bank Account Tracking System


This Bank Account Tracking System project is designed to help users to make bank transactions and monitor their account information. This tool aims at helping the customers to know their account details without having to physically going to banks and check for the accounts. The user shall be able to login securely through the tool and make deposit or withdrawal. The user can check the account and print summary of statement for the month or year. It is a user-friendly tool which is developed using VB. The database holds the account information of all the customers. It holds information regarding different types of account held and the transactions made for the period. A secured layer of encryption exists for all the transactions done.

Existing System

The user faced the difficult task of visiting the bank physically to check for the different accounts and balances. All the details were manually written and stored. The account details were in ledgers which were too tedious to manage. The customers would be happy if they could get the information about the transaction details etc. in less time.

Bank Account Tracking System

Bank Account Tracking System

This Bank Account Tracking System shall enable the user to make transactions and help them to check their account balances. It shall help the user to check for different types of account held and the dates and type of transactions done. It shall also clearly indicate the amount of interest earned. The user can make transactions like deposit of money or withdrawals through secured layer. The user can login and check for the account details like balance, interest rate, the date of deposit or withdrawal etc. The user can print the summary of the accounts for the time period mentioned. It could be monthly or yearly statement. This system shall ease the customers to get the information quickly. The details are stored in the database and it could be retrieved faster and displayed as statement to the user. The user can search for a transaction based on date. The user can update the account information.

System Specifications

Bank Account Tracking System Modules

Customer: This module shall hold the details regarding the customer like the name, address, phone number, Account type, Account number etc.

Transaction: This module shall have the transaction details like the date of transaction, type of transaction deposit or withdrawal and the amount.

Payment: This module holds the payment related information. It takes care of the payment for reservation online. It verifies and validates the payments done online.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor                    Pentium IV 2.4 GHz Minimum
  • RAM                          256 MB Ram
  • Monitor                      15 inch color
  • Hard disk                    80 GB
  • Floppy drive               1.44 MB
  • CD drive                     LG DVD Rom
  • Key board                   US Standard

Software configuration

  • Operating system      Windows XP Professional
  • Back end                     MS Access

Technologies used

  • Visual Basic
  • MS Access

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