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Data Structure and Files Program Codes 

Download Data Structure and Files Program Codes from these Links. All these Data Structure and Files Program Codes are working and tested. If you find any of these codes not working Please comment on the Page, So that it can be corrected.

Download Data Structure and Files Program Codes

Program for Matrix operations with pointers. Matrix operations with pointers 
Program for Hash Table Implementation Hash Table Implementation 
 Program for  Operations on File Operations on File 
Program for Hoffman’s Code Using C Hoffman’s Code 
Program for Dijkstra Algorithm in C Dijkstra Algorithm 
Program for Breadth and Depth First Search  Breadth and Depth First Search 
Program for Traversal of BFS and DFS Traversal of BFS and DFS 
Program for Expression Tree in C Expression Tree 
Program for Operations on Queue Operations on Queue 
 Program for Circular Link List Circular Link List 

Data Structure and Files Program Codes Laboratory Syllabus


Concept of queues as ADT, Implementation of linear and circular queue using linked and Concept of multi queues, de queue and priority queue. Application of queues. Sequential organization.


Concept of stack as ADT, Implementation of stacks using linked and sequential organization ,Importance of stack in recursion, Importance of implicit and explicit stack. Concept of multi stacks, Application of stacks.

File organization

Hashing function and it’s characteristics,Concept of sequential, C Files and command line argument,simple Index file and direct access file , Primitive operations and implementation in C. Sequential file organization, direct file organization,Processing of sequential, Index-sequential and direct files. Hashing,Concept of collision resolution, linear probing, index sequential file organization and their implementation rehashing ,chaining with & without replacement.


Graph as an ADT, Depth First Search and Breadth First Search. shortest path- Dijkstra’s algorithm Application of these algorithms and Algorithms for minimal spanning tree Representation of graphs using adjacency matrix, adjacency list, Prim’s and Kruskal’s .


Difference in linear and non-linear data structure, Trees and binary trees-concept and terminology.binary tree as an ADT. Algorithm for tree traversals (recursive and non recursive). Threaded binary tree as an ADT. Pre order, In order traversals of in order threaded binary search tree. Conversion of general tree to binary tree. Binary search trees, Concept of threaded binary tree.


Symbol Tables and Dynamic Trees

Basic concepts of hash tables, hash function, hashing methods, collision resolution, bucket hashing.

AVL Trees, Heap data structure its application in heap sort, Notion of Symbol Table,OBST, Huffman’s algorithm,

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