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Traffic Signal Monitoring & Controlling System



To create a traffic signal monitoring & controlling system based on Internet of Things (IoT) using an Arduino to avoid undesirable effects such as delays, and traffic jams.

Project Overview

City population reaches an inconceivable evolution in the contemporary era. It openly affects mobilization in higher manner. Survey reports says that, every year this world sees a  minimum of 2% increase in city population growth. In future, it will see much rapid increase in the population in cities. So it is necessary to develop an effective system to face traffic congestion challenges in cities.

Existing System

Traffic Congestion is one of the major concerns for any country. Due to this traffic issue, travel time will be increased. To avoid this problem, many existing system projects developed based on considering following:

  • The wireless technology based design was created by sensors and micro controllers. Here sensors used to detect the traffic level and time for the traffic signal.
  • A method was developed to make sure that maximum efficiency is achieved. Precedence number is given to differentgroup of transportation vehicles. Emergency vehicles such as ambulance and fire vehicles given primary priorities. Then ordinary vehicles will move on.
  • Precedence is set based on vehicle density on the road. If number of vehicles are high means it will be given more time.
  • Here RFID is used to monitor the objects with tracking. This can be used to track the lost vehicles.


  • Reduce the traffic congestion by monitoring the traffic level.
  • Frustration of drivers can be avoided.


  • Manual intervention is needed at many operations.
  • At the present era, technology moves with high speed. But existing system does not consider this technology advantage.

Proposed System

As the usage and requirements of vehicles increasing rapidly. Traffic congestion creates lots of trouble for common people in many different ways. So this proposed concentrates on developing smart traffic monitoring and controlling system using IoT. It can be used to overcome the problems faced by existing system. The proposed Traffic Signal Monitoring & Controlling System architecture is shown in following figure.

Traffic Signal Monitoring & Controlling System

Working Principle

  • IR sensor is located at acertain distance from the traffic signals. It will detect the traffic density on the road and control the traffic signal.
  • All the data will be sent to the web server for further process like analyzingand reporting. Mobile application access allows easy traffic monitoring and visualization for decision making.

Traffic Signal Monitoring & Controlling System Advantages

  • Monitors the traffic level and controls the traffic signal automatically.
  • Less human intervention is required.
  • Efficient use of latest technologies to get the high outcome for the system.
  • Graphical representation in the mobile application access, allowsdrivers to plan for the most efficient route for travel.

Components / Software /Hardware’s Required

  • Micro controller unit
  • LCD
  • LED
  • Power Supply
  • IR Sensor
  • GPRS/Bluetooth
  • Web Server
  • MySQL Database
  • Android
  • Arduino


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