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Introduction to Java


Java Tutorial for beginners tutorial is basically for beginners which have very less or no experience in java programming. This Java Tutorial for beginners tutorial will show you what is java programming from the very basic.

How to use this Tutorial ?

  • Go through the presentation given below and read every concept given in the presentation.
  • Practice each given examples  in the presentation.
  • Try to answer the questions given at the end of each  presentation.

Contents of Java Tutorial for beginners – Introduction to Java

  • History of Java
  • What is JDK
  • What is bytecode?
  • Object oriented language
  • Object oriented language Advantages
  • Java Programs
  • Developing a Java Program
  • Features of Java
  • Sample program
  • Question and answers

Download Java Tutorial for beginners

Introduction to Java – Part 1

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Question for Introduction to Java – Part 1

What are the advantages of Java ?

  • Syntax based on C++
  • Object-oriented
  • Support for Internet applications
  • Extensive library of prewritten classes
  • Portability among platforms
  • Built-in networking
  • Security as JRE is inaccessible to other parts of computer.


What is the difference between an interpreter and a compiler ?

Java Compiler generates byte code instead of machine code and interpreter executes java program

Define Class and Object ?


  • tool for encapsulating data and operations (methods) into one package
  • defines a template or model for creating and manipulating objects


  • data created using the class and its methods
  • an object is an instance of the class
  • creating an object is instantiation

 What are different Java programs ?


Small programs designed to add interactivity to Web sites

Downloaded with the Web page and launched by the Internet browser


Run by Web server on the server

Typically generate Web content


Programs that run standalone on a client

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