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course management systemA course management system is a set of tools that enables the instructor to create online course content and post it on the Web without having to handle HTML or other programming languages.

Course management system become an integral a part of the upper education system. They create teaching and course management easier by providing a framework and set of tools for instructors. The executive aspects of such systems could include class rosters and therefore the ability to record students’ grades. With relevance the teaching aspects, however, it might include learning objects, class exercises, quizzes and tests. The CMS might also include tools for real-time chat, or asynchronous bulletin board kind communications. The CMS tool additionally focuses on all aspects of teaching, learning and teacher-student interaction.

System Summary

For every education or course there should be consistent interaction between students for submitting assignments and home works, projects, and thesis and acquire feedback. In this exiting system students need to visit faculties and take appointment from faculties or instructors to submit work.

The system has been developed considering every single quality factor. Due to this reason the system is extremely secure from the crash down downside. Moreover, the system is very reliable and attributable to the safety features, provides for the course management system, unauthorized users cannot access the system.

Considering problems in existing system code application is meant that contains 3 modules.

Project Module Summary

Administrator Module: Admin can produce accounts for college students and faculties and make course programmed list and add instructors and students to it course list.

Admin can produce course details exploitation course creation kind that consists in fact name, course id, and choose student. Using Student creator kind student details are entered to information. User name, adapt username, password, given name and name, ID. After accounts are produced supported every students and instructors are divided and accessorial to list exploitation create missing students kind.

Students Module: Student can register with application or the proposed system and login with user name and password. He will check and submit home work. Every student can have id.

Instructor Module: It can check student’s home works or the assignments and assign grades for work. This module accommodates preparation menu, choose student for grades.


Online course portal project is developed in java platform. The main aim of this system is to implement an online based mostly portal with education data which is able to be helpful for faculty students. on-line education is one o f the quick growing field on internet wherever users will directly solve issues by visiting web site with none facilitate from academics. This method had inflated scope of on-line education and on-line courses. in conjunction with on-line courses this computer are often updated with alternative data like job updates, on-line communication details, coming events, government job, and tips for teaching.

Software Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows XP or Windows 7 or Higher Windows OS.
  • Programming Language : Core Java.
  • IDE Used : Net beans 7 or Eclipse IDE.
  • Database : Oracle 10g or Higher.

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor Needed: I3 or above.
  • Hard Disk : 30GB
  • RAM : 1 GB or more

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