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The main objective of this system is to have a wider reach and visibility of the university across the globe. The main focus lays on zero paperwork and centralizing the data. This will definitely boost speedy and on time process completion and reducing the manual effort for maintaining the heavy files. The data stored will more accurate, can be retrieved very easily making the overall system highly responsive, efficient and flawless with no limit to physical boundaries.

Existing System

Existing system is a total mess. It involves a lot of man power and also the process is very slow and generally suffers delays. No data securities as all records are maintained on papers which are prone to natural and physical damage. Only the local and the nearby students apply due to poor visibility of the University. Retrieving any past records is a very tedious and time consuming process and sometimes it may take 2-3 days.

Proposed system

This software is powered by World Wide Web, which means students from any nick and corner across the globe can apply for the different courses offered. This system will completely automate the data management. As the data will be stored in databases in the computer, this will make speedy generation of reports or any query regarding past records. They are nearly zero prone to any kind of damage as regular baking up of data is done. New admissions and enrollments can be done with just a single mouse click. This will make the admission process more efficient, effective, optimized and transparent.


There are essentially four modules of this software;

Admin module: Admin has complete authority over the system. It is the responsibility of the admin to maintain and monitor the student records. Any new entry will be done by admin only. The admin is again responsible for deletion, update and modification of any record. Admin will be preparing all reports (student, college and daily report) and submitting to higher authorities.

Student/User module: The students are offered a very restricted access. They can view the courses offered, availability of seats and the complete fee structure.

User Interface: The graphical user interface is very user friendly as it is totally menu driven. Even a non-technical person can navigate pretty easily. Menus items have been provided with the keyboard shortcuts for the ease in using forms.

Report generation: All the reports can be exported to excel sheet or PDF as well can be printed corresponding to a date picked from calendar. Report generation process is indeed very quick and easy. It can be done with just a single mouse click.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Pentium IV
  • Processor speed 2.4GHz
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Monitor Standard color Monitor
  • Hard disk 40 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive LG 52X
  • Key board Multi Media Standard 102 keys keyboard
  • Mouse Scrollable 3 buttons

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows 2003/XP, Solaris/Linux
  • Language Java/ JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP
  • IDE Eclipse
  • GUI HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Backend Access
  • Web Server RedHat JBoss AS

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract
Download Source Code Project Code
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