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This project intends to make the whole campaign system computerized covering all its aspects and functionalities. This software will have a very user friendly interface which can be very easily managed. This software will reduce all the inconsistencies and redundancies involved in the current campaigning system. This will further enhance the quality of the campaign, timely completion of projects and can maintain high data accuracy with exact budget and variations. It will also help in giving exact estimation of budget involving in a campaign.

Existing System

The existing system is computerized but has a lot of limitations. It only supports single user operation that too limited only to employee details. Most of the work is done on worksheets which make the information retrieval very lengthy and time consuming process. Moreover anything done on paper is not at all safe and secure and is prone to physical damage.

Proposed system

The proposed software will bring a complete revolution in the campaigning industry. Its advanced multi-user support will enable to manage the overall campaign system more efficiently and systematically. Caching has been enabled in this software for providing ultra fast response time and lower bandwidth consumption. Data filtering can be done with just a single mouse click. Different permissions are allotted to different users of the system so as to avoid any kind of ambiguity.


This software adhere mainly four modules;

Admin module: The admin has been allotted with all the permissions. It’s the responsibility of admin to create, modify, update or delete any campaign. For every particular campaign, a manager is assigned along with team of members. Regular reports can be generated based on Manager’s input for that campaign and can be sent to client.

Manager Module: Manager is the person responsible for whole campaign development. He has to do all the homework related to that campaign and provide the exact estimated budget along with any variation budget. The estimation goes to admin and finally on his approval the campaigning can be started. Even after the completion of the project, he has to give the exact cost and expenses which were occurred on the campaign.

Member module: Members have got a very limited access. They can only view and update the information about the campaigning project assigned by the immediate manager. But they have no right to delete any information about any client or any related information.

Government module: All the government approved campaigns can be seen here.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Pentium IV
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Monitor Standard color Monitor
  • Hard disk 40 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive 32 Hz
  • Key board standard keyboard
  • Mouse Scrollable 3 buttons

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP/2003 or LINUX/SOLARIS
  • Language Java (JDK), Servlets (JSP), JNDI
  • GUI HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Back end Oracle/Access
  • IDE Eclipse
  • Web Server RedHat JBoss AS
  • Database Connectivity JDBC

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract
Download Code Project Source Code
Download Database Project Database

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