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The main objective of this Labour Management System project is to have a completely automated project allotment system which can even be managed by a non technical person. This project will serve the purpose of maintaining all the contractor and sub-contractor details along with issuing registration certificate to contractor and license certificate to sub-contractor. This Labour Management System project will definitely reduce the time and effort in searching for contractors with expired licenses and intimating them beforehand. Fetching all the contractor details, sub-contractor details and work order details will be made easy with just a single mouse click. Overall management of Contract labor will be easy and quick.

Existing System

Till now, all details of contractor, sub-contractor and work order allotment are done manually and on paper. It becomes very difficult to get all the details about any contractor in a short time. A lot of time, money and energy is wasted in searching as well as maintaining the documents. Many times, contractors were not intimated on time about their license which was going to expire. The present Labour Management System does not follow any proper channel making the whole system redundant and ambiguous.

Proposed system

The proposed Labour Management System will the precious time, money, energy and paper with flawless execution. Each and every process, be it addition of a new contractor, allotting project, issuing certificate to contractor and license to sub-contractor, all will be digitized. Manual searching will be reduced as all contractor details can be listed along with their expiration dates and can be imported to excel sheets. It will be developer’s responsibility to install and test the software. Proper training will be given and in order to pace up with the latest technologies, all updates will be done regularly. It will also be maintaining the fee details like security deposit, welfare fund, challan details etc.


Contract Labour Management System home page

login page new license resgistration

reports page work order license

Labour Management System Modules

The Labour Management System will be having following modules;

Admin: Admin has the full authority over the project for any addition, deletion and modification of contractor and sub-contractor details. Admin will be provided with a secure username and password for logging into the system. It’s the responsibility of the admin to create entry for allotment and creation of registration certificate and work order licenses. Admin also has complete authority to update and view complete details.

New Registration Certificate: To make a new entry to RC, we need to provide certain inputs which are: District Name, R.C No, Contractor Name, Mobile Number, Nature of work, Work Order issue date, Registered Certificate obtained for workers, fees paid, challan number, date and bank name. It will be stored in the database with a unique RC No.

New Work Order Entry: For generating a new work order form, following inputs are required for creating a new work order for a particular RC No.: License number, work Order number, dated, fee paid, challan number, amount, bank, code number, mobile number, License date issue, name and address of contractor, Renewal date. Each work order will have a unique license number.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor Intel Pentium 500 MHz
  • RAM 64 MB
  • Monitor standard color monitor
  • Hard disk 20 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive LG 52X
  • Key board Standard 102 keys
  • Mouse Scrollable 3 buttons

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP Professional
  • Coding Languages Servlets and JSP
  • GUI HTML5/CSS3/Javascript
  • Back end oracle 8i
  • Server Apache Tomcat

Download Project

Download Abstract Project Abstract
Download Source Code Source Code
Download Database Project Database

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