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School Billing System


This School Billing System project enables the user to maintain the billing system in schools and helps to print term reports for students. It shall also print reports of the fees payments for students. The teachers shall be able to upload the term reports on to the system. it shall hold the performance reports of all the students. The School Billing System shall allow the teachers to print terminal reports of every student. Each user shall have different access privileges for the system. It is a user-friendly web based system which efficiently takes care of the billing activities of the school.

School Billing System

Existing School Billing System

The existing system did not have the option to track bills or fees payments from students. It was done manually. It was a laborious  task. The system did not have the option toprint the termreports or feepayment reports.All the accounts were maintained manually. It was a difficult task to manage as the schools accommodated large number of students.

Proposed System

This School Billing System will help the user to Pay school bills online and print term reports. There are different types of users like teacher, student and admin. The student shall be able to print reports for the fee paid. He shall be able to print reports of the term specified. The teacher shall be able to maintain the data of each student. The system will also notify the students of outstanding fee payments. This is a simple UI developed using and The database is managed through SQL server. The back end stores all the details about students which could be accessed by the teacher.

System Specifications


Student: This module holds all the data regarding the student. It has the fees paid data and the pending fees for each student. It includes the name, class, section and the term for which the fees are paid etc.

Teacher: This module shall have the details regarding the terminal reports of students. It shall hold data for printing the term reports of students.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor                    Pentium III 866 MHz
  • RAM                            128 MD SD EAM
  • Monitor                      15 inch color
  • Hard disk                    20 GB
  • Floppy drive               1.44 MB
  • CD drive                      LG 52X
  • Key board                   Standard 102 keys
  • Mouse                         3 buttons

Software configuration

  • Operating system       Windows XP Professional
  • Environment              Visual studio NET 2005 4.6
  • Language          ,
  • Backend                      SQL Server 2008

Technologies used

  • NET
  • SQL server

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School Billing System Abstract Project Abstract
School Billing System Source Project Source Code

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