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Car Rental System


This Car Rental System project is designed to aid the car rental company to enable renting of cars through an online system. It helps the users to search for available cars view profile and book the cars for the time period. It has a user-friendly interface which helps the user to check for cars and rent them for the period specified. They could also make payment online. The rental cars shall be categorized into economy, premium etc. Based on the type of car required by the customer, the user shall be able to make bookings. The use of internet technology has made it easy for the customers to rent a car any time. This Car Rental System makes the bookings easy. It saves time and labor. The tool shall ask the user for information such as the date and time of journey, type of car etc. Also, it will need an identification number. Using these details, the tool shall help the customer to book a car for the journey.

Car Rental System

Existing Car Rental System

Car Rental System service will help users to book a car for some fee specified. Till now there was no clear web based UI to help the users to rent the vehicle. They had to manually rent the vehicle through their offices. It was a difficult task to manage rental vehicles. Keeping track of all the rental cars was a problem.

Proposed System

This Car Rental System project will enable the user to rent a vehicle. The user shall login to the system and check for availability of cars. The user specifies a type of car and the journey date and time. The Car Rental System shall check for the availability of the car and rent the car to the customer. The user can make payment online. The tool is designed using All the data regarding the rental cars are stored in MySQL database. The user has to enter his name, address, phone details and check for the cars available for rent. The UI is very simple and the connectivity to back end is robust. The main advantage is that the user shall be able to choose a car depending on his budget.

Car Rental System Specifications


Car Rental: This module shall have the data details regarding different type of cars and their booking dates, time etc.

User: This module shall have the details of the user like name address, phone number etc.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor                    Pentium III 866 MHz
  • RAM                          128 MB Ram
  • Monitor                      15 inch color
  • Hard disk                    20 GB
  • Floppy drive               1.44 MB
  • CD drive                     LG 52X
  • Key board                   Standard US Keyboard
  • Mouse                         

Software configuration

  • Operating system       Windows XP Professional
  • Environment              Visual studio NET 2005 4.6
  • Language         
  • Back end                    MySQL

Technologies used

  • NET
  • MySQL

Download Project

 Car Rental System Abstract Project Abstract
 Car Rental System Source Code Project Source Code

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