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Gym Management System


Objectives of the project This Gym Management System shall enable the user to add members to a gym and manage the fee payment of the gym user. It is a very simple interface developed using .net. The user of the system shall be able to add a new gym member. The tool shall add all the necessary details like name, admission date, contact details into the system. The Gym Management System shall also monitor the timings for the member. It shall allow the user to make fee payments. This tool shall hold all the details of gym members. It shall enable the user to make payments monthly, quarterly or annually.

Gym Management System

Existing Gym Management System

The existing Gym Management System did not have a user-friendly interface. The details regarding gym members were manually written and recorded. There was no system of paying fees online. The gym members were not notified regarding the fee payment that were outstanding. 

Proposed System

This Gym Management System tool is basically developed to aid the user to add a member to the gym. The user shall be able to add the name, date of birth and contact address of the member. It also records the phone numbers and the height and weight data of the member. It shall have the admission date. It also has an option to check whether the member is new or an existing one. It stores the photo of the member. It shall help the user to know about fee payments. It has the option to select type of fee payments. It could be monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the choice of the member. It also holds the receipt number and the amount of fees paid. It shall also generate reports based on the payment of fees. It shall also enable the user to update information of members. This tool uses .net framework with MS Access as the database. It secures the data of each user. Storage and retrieval of data is fast through these .net tools.System

Gym Management System Specifications


Member: This module shall have all the details pertaining to the member such as name, contact number, gender, address, date of birth, admission date etc.

Fee Payment: This module includes the fee payments. It has the type of payments, amount paid etc. 

Reports: This module includes the report data. It notifies about the pending fee payment for different members. And also prints reports of fee payments.

Hardware configuration 

  • Processor Pentium III 866 MHz
  • RAM 128 MB
  • Monitor 15 inch color
  • Hard disk 20 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive LG 52X
  • Key board Standard 102 keys
  • Mouse

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP Professional
  • Environment Visual studio NET 2005

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