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The secure LAN communicator will be used to make the communication safe and comfortable. This project will not require the server to work. It will create a chat room with different chat participant. The project will provide efficient use of communication between various departments of an organization. The system will provide robust security to the details shared in the application and the information of the participants. No outside member can use this system until the admin allows. The program will be stable and will provide a very interactive user interface. The users will not require learning about the system.

Secure LAN Communicator
Existing system

In the present Secure LAN Communicator system, we use Internet for the communication between the employees of an organization or we contact directly to each other. In the web-based communication, there is the high possibility of data loss and unauthorized connection, the result of which may lead to a leak of crucial information. While in the manual communication in which a person make contact in the physical world require a high amount of time. The system which is present is complex and not reliable to use.

Proposed system

When we want to contact between the several departments of an organization, then we can use the system which will not use the internet and hence makes the system secure to use. In the proposed Secure LAN Communicator we will develop an application based on the LAN for the communication. If we use the LAN to establish the connection between the various departments in any organization, then an unauthorized person cannot use this system. The application will provide an easy and user interactive interface so that a person can make the connection without any difficulty and knowledge. A person with little knowledge can easily use this system. To get the access to the program, a user will need to request to the admin.

Secure LAN Communicator Module

The secure LAN communicator project consists of two modules.
Server module: The server module will maintain the details of the user such as login name, passwords. It will give the response to the request of clients. The server module will authenticate the user by matching the user ID and password. Only the admin can change the information in the server module.
Client module: The client module will send the request to the server, to get access to the system. When the client gets authenticate, then it will provide information about users who are online or offline, previews messages, etc. to the user. Then a client can chat and share files with other connected users.

Software requirement

  • Operating system: Windows XP or above versions.
  • Front End: Visual Studio.NET 2008 Enterprise Edition.
  • Back End: Microsoft Visual C#.NET
  • Framework: Visual Studio.NET Framework

Hardware requirement

  • Hard Disk: 40 GB or Above.
  • Processor: Pentium 4.
  • Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB

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 Secure LAN Communicator Code Secure LAN Communicator Project

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