Budget Analysis System .NET Project


Budget Analysis System Objective

            The aim of this Budget Analysis System project is to build an application that will help in parsing financial data and making the calculations required for business firms. This application will automate the process and make it easier to collate information submitted by different managers. The system will utilize a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which will enable faster access and manipulation of data.

Businesses are required to keep track of their budget expenditures so as to avoid cost overruns and to ensure fiscal responsibility of managers. This application will be web based so as to enable managers from different parts of the globe to upload the required excel sheets. The data from the excel sheet will be automatically assimilated and the necessary calculations made to produce the information required by upper level management. A new project can be created by a manager or supervisor on the system and this will generate an excel sheet, with built in lookup function to avoid redundancies in data entry, that has to be filled out by the person in – charge.

The Budget Analysis System application will take all the data generated and analyse it to present trends and key statistics. The statistics generated can be viewed by upper management in the form of graphical representations such as graphs or pie charts, enabling quick understanding of the fiscal strength of the different departments of the business.

Existing System

            The existing Budget Analysis System consists of excel sheets generated by different managers which are sent to one supervisor. The supervisor will have to individually go through each excel sheet to collect the information to make a unified financial record. These excel sheets are built as non-relational databases and it is very difficult to spot trends and parse the data of the unified record. A supervisor collating the different excel sheets may take many weeks to complete the task.

Budget Analysis System Snapshot

Proposed System

            The proposed Budget Analysis System will ensure that the excel sheets utilised by the different managers are aligned to the system objectives and follow a uniform structure. This will make it simple for the system to automatically parse the data and generate a unified record. The process can be completed in a matter of seconds and the only possible bottleneck occurs due to a delay on the side of the manager in uploading the excel sheet.


Admin: The admin module will be able to access the excel sheets submitted by the different managers. User accounts for the two levels of access will also be created by the admin. The admin will decide the level of access for each individual user.

High level access: The high level access module will be used by upper level management. This module can be used to view the collated data and view trends. Authentication is a very important aspect of this module and login IDs will be recorded because privileged information can be accessed through this module.

Low level access: The low level access will be used by the managers to upload the excel sheets required. They will be able to create new projects on the system and generate excel sheets for the same. The admin will grant them access privileges.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • C# .NET with ASP.NET
  • MS SQL Server 2005 Express

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Processor – Dual Core or Above
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Printer

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