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Objectives of the Online Staff and Student project

The main objective of the Online Staff and Student project is to provide a completely innovative and systematic approach towards staff and student interaction. As the system will be multi-user, each user can access and share the resources allocated. The focus lays on going for an e-learning environment where every student is privileged to search, upload and download any study material related to the course for which he is enrolled. Emphasis has been laid on making the interface more user- friendly so that even a non technical person can use it. This will enhance the existing system by making it more accurate, systematic and free from any inconsistencies.

Online Staff and Student Interaction

Existing System

The existing Online Staff and Student system is outdated and redundancy prone. It requires a lot of manual work to find out any information regarding any test conducted or any information related to staff or student. Moreover if there are multiple queries all the effort will be repeated. The current system does not follow any systematic approach or channel for task completion.

Proposed system

There is an urgent need to improvise the current Online Staff and Student system with latest web technologies so as to make the system more systematic, efficient and channelized. Staff can allocate study material to the students with a focus to make them equipped with e-learning methodologies. The proposed Online Staff and Student system will completely automate the staff and student interactions where the students can view their test results with a single click by entering their credentials.

System specifications

Online Staff and Student Modules

The software has three modules

Admin module: Admin serves as the super user of the Online Staff and Student system. He can login the system by providing the credentials (username and password). He has complete access over all the staff members and the student area. He has full access to all study material provided to the students, any work assigned to the staff members and view the test conducted by staff for students and their results of the test.

Staff module: A staff member can enter the system by properly providing the authentication details i.e. username and password. Otherwise access will be denied. A staff member maintains all the details of the students and study material. Necessary uploads of material are done to enhance the process of e-learning. There are three sub sections provided which are :

Material details: study material is provided by staff member related to the course.
Course details: It lists down all the courses available for e-learning.
Tests: here details are stored regarding the test conducted by staff for students.

Student module: Again students have to provide their username and password to login. They can search any course material they want. They also have privilege to upload, download or view the searched material. Even they have view the results of the test conducted.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor P-IV
  • Processor Speed 2.4 GHz
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Hard Disk 40GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive LG 52X
  • Key board Standard 102 keys
  • Mouse 3 buttons

Software configuration

  • Operating system Windows XP Professional
  • Language C# .NET
  • Frontend ASP .NET
  • Backend MS-SQL Server 2005
  • Framework MS Visual Studio .Net 2008
  • Web Server Internet information Services (IIS)

Download Online Staff and Student Project

Online Staff and Student Abstract

Online Staff and Student Source Code

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