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Online Discussion Forum


It’s a PHP project named “Online Discussion Forum” is the place where persons after creating their account can share their ideas and make discussions on various topics. It’s a technical discussion form, where users will able to enter questions and get answers on various technical and other topics. For example, the topic can be related to PHP, Java, general knowledge, English, maths, hibernate etc. Each type of questions will be under particular forum. Registered users will be allowed to enter questions, provide answers to the questions, get personal messages to their notification area, make reply to other existing posts etc. We have used standard WYSIWYG editor to enter questions and get answers in formatted manner. Even the attachments can be made with particular posts through technical online discussion form developed in PHP.

Existing System

In the previous existing Online Discussion Forum project system, there was no proper moderation channel where the person cannot keep an eye, what’s going on and the rules are being followed by all existing users. There was no proper communication channel. Previously, users were not able to get admin messages and options to create their community and send friend request to existing users. There was no check performed on validation and type of questions to be entered under particular forum. In existing system, there was no proper password recovery method, and the admin does not have the power to block users, their activity and points which is assigned to them.

Online Discussion Forum Snapshots

Online Discussion Forum project Online Discussion Forum Register Page

Proposed System

In this new PHP based technical Online Discussion Forum, there will be three type of users who will interact this system and control the various activity. These three users will be: admin, moderator and the users. Users will be responsible to enter questions in particular forum, get their answers, make reply to existing posts, check scores of other users, access message dialog box and make changes through their profile settings. It’s the moderator, who will have the authority to approve questions and answers posted by the registered users. Admin will keep track on various activity of users and the moderators. Among these, there are other features, like displaying the posts based on various parameters like recent posts, displaying in ascending or descending order, by date etc, switch to other forums, check online users and send friend requests.

Features of this Online Discussion Forum project

  • Using PHP based technical online discussion forum, users can manage their personal accounts.
  • Users can create their groups and send invitations to other users for joining their created groups.
  • Users can directly send private messages and friend requests to other users, even to the admin and moderator.
  • Special appearance and profile avatar for different tier level users.
  • Easy password recovery through users registered email address.

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Online Discussion Forum Abstract
Online Discussion Forum Report
Online Discussion Forum Code

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