Web File Management System


            Web File Management SystemThis Web File Management System will enable users to easily share files over the web. Today with business collaborating across the globe, it is very important to share files securely and easily. This system will enable people to collaborate on the same file and will allow the creator to easily control access.

            The file types will be in a proprietary file format that will have encryption, this will prevent viewers from downloading the file and accessing it locally. The files can be documents, spreadsheets or presentations. When a person creates a file on the system they can enter the email IDs of people who have access. They can log in to the system using their email ID and view the files. The creator can block access to the file for one or all users at any time.

            The user who creates the file can also allow viewers with access privileges to edit the file. Any edits in the file will be marked with a comment about who edited it and a timestamp. Revisions to the documents can be viewed by any user. The file creator can roll back the revisions if needed.

            Such a Web File Management System will be very useful for people trying to work on projects across the world and data can be shared easily as well. Security is very important in this system and users will be required to undergo an elaborate authentication process at periodic intervals. This authentication process will include a personal password, email authentication, phone authentication and a photo taken by a web camera. Such elaborate measures will help stop data theft which is an ever present threat in today’s corporate world.

            The system will also provide a rudimentary chat system which will allow users to share messages pertaining to the file. The chat system is basic so as to prevent the system being misused for regular chats.

Existing System

            The existing Web File Management System of collaboration uses computer tools such as email and Office. Users generally have to download each revised file and access it to make changes. They have to keep abreast of all the emails to ensure they know, which the current version of the document is. Any changes made in the document is difficult to note unless users take the effort to personally comment on each change. This system is time consuming and cumbersome to follow for most collaborators.

Proposed System

            The proposed Web File Management System will provide a single platform for all the people working on a file to collaborate on. Security of the file will be ensured by rigorous authentication and users will be see all changes made. The file creator will maintain complete control over the changes in the document and can also control access of different users. There is no way that the file can escape the system unless the creator exports the file in a common file format.

Web File Management System Modules

User: A generic user will be able to access files that they have been asked to collaborate on. They will be able to make changes based on the access rights given by the file creator.

Creator: The file creator will upload a file and can choose who should access it. Changes in the file versions will also be controlled by the file creator and a final version of the file can be exported to any common file format.

Admin: The admin can only maintain the system and ensure that all the security features are running smoothly. Any misuse of the system can be blocked by the admin when complaints are received.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • PHP 5
  • MS SQL Server 2005 Express
  • CSS
  • Apache Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 2 GB
  • RAM – 1 GB

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