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The E-commerce Management System will primarily provide a platform to purchase, sell, distribution of items, product or service through the internet and on some other network. It will provide an option to a customer for the comparison of product with another seller, while a shop is available only at day time the e-commerce is available 24 hours of a day and seven days of the week. The E-commerce Management System will be a huge marketplace as most of the business are going to implement based on the internet.This system will provide the detailed description of the products to users so that they can compare to the different product and will by the one which is more suitable to them.

The problem with the e-commerce system

The E-commerce Management System has various flaws in it as because of which most of the people don’t use the system even though it has several advantages over traditional stores. The biggest problem is that it takes at least a day to deliver a product to the customer. While some other issues are a duplication of the product means the product is shown on the web some time differs with the original product due to which next time that customer go to buy the product through the traditional type of store.

Proposed system

The E-commerce Management System has many advantages, compare to traditional store as one can compare the cost of a product with other e-commerce websites, and if a user dislikes any product he/she can return it. While we can make use of the current technology to overcome the problem with the existing system. The E-commerce Management System companies can use a flying robot, so when a user places an order, the company will send the product through the robot. The robot will find the user by using the GPS, and in this way, we can reduce the time to deliver a product. While before sending a product the e-commerce company will check the product that it is same or not with the requested order.

E-commerce Management System Snapshot

E-commerce Management System

E-commerce Management System Module

In order to use the system the users will need to register in the system, and for registration, they need to provide various information related to them such as name, address, etc.
Search bar
This provides users with an option through which they can search the product they want to purchase.
After selecting a product if the user wants to purchase it, later they can save the product in the cart.
Check out
Through this module, the user can place their order and can choose preferred method for payment.
Purchase history
This will show the purchase done by the user in the past.

Software requirement

PHP, HTML, Internet information services, ASP.NET, My SQL database, etc.

Hardware requirement

Windows based system with 700 MHz or higher speed, 500 MB RAM, INTERNET connection.

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