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The online exam system internet based online portal which establishes a virtual interface between the Institute and the student for an exam. This system will save the time as it provides the function to take an online exam of the number of students at a time which reduces the time for printing the question paper. The Online Exam System will be beneficial for both a student and the Institute. As the student will get the result from the system and it will reduce the work of an Institute for conducting the exam. The system will not limit to any particular institute and can be used by any number of Institutes.

Existing system

The main problem with the current Online Exam System is that it uses lots of paper to keep the records. Which increases the problem in storing that many hard copies as the place to keep them are limited. Publishing of results of a large number of students requires the high amount of time, and it is a slow process. While there some software is present, which can take the exam online, but as it is the software it requires to download the software into the Online Exam System which takes some work during installation. But any Institute takes the exam once in three months. It is a waste to give time for installation also it constraint the Institute to conduct the exam on those systems only. As the software requires installation in each system the cost required is high.

Proposed system

The Online Exam System is an internet based project so it will not require downloading a software into a system and institute can use it directly from the web. The institute will only need to register on the website then they can conduct the exam. At the time of conducting the exam they need to provide the details of the student, so when a student takes the exam, he/she will enter this information into the system. The student will get the result of the exam just after the closing of the exam.

Online Exam System Snapshots

Online Exam System

Online Exam System Module

The admin will be the host of the website, it has control over all the functions available in the system.
The user module is subdivided into the different sub-module:

Institute registration: It will provide an option for registration of any Institute.
Institute login: From this, an Institute can access the system by entering the ID and password provided during registration.
Entering exam details: Through this institute will upload the question, information about the number of students and will provide the instruction to follow during the exam.

Software requirement

  • Any Windows based system
  • MS ACCESS 2000 for DBMS database
  • Language used is PHP

Hardware requirement

  • To print the results support of printer.
  • At least 800X600 screen resolution.

Download Project

Download Project Project Abstract
Download Source Code Project Source Code
Download Database Project Database

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