The online social networking website enables a way through which different groups or people can interact with themselves and can share their ideas, experience. By communicating they can make a community to solve some problem or can guide to other on different situation. Also, an organization can use this project to interact with their colleague and can do meeting online. The Online Social Networking Website will be utilized commonly in the universities, high schools, organizations. While a group of government can use it to make contact with the public to share the information about work has done by them.

Existing system

The current Online Social Networking Website system allows a user to make contact with their friends and provide a way to share various files through it. There are various social networking sites are available from the year 1997, but the popularity of the social networking has increased since 2005. Even though the current Online Social Networking Website have many tools which enhanced the user experience they fail to provide security of an individual on the web. Some person randomly sends the friend request to anyone while any person can view the profile of the other. The current Online Social Networking Website is one of the major platforms where a user gets assaulted.

Online Social Networking Website Snapshot

Online Social Networking Website

Proposed system

The proposed Online Social Networking Website system will use the database for each user and will monitor the status of the user so if any user will abuse any other person on the site, then it will block that user and if anyone views the profile of another user then it will notify that user about the user who is looking the profile so if a user will report that someone has tried to edit or download the private documents of the user than the person who had tried will not allow using their own profile.

Online Social Networking Website Module

The admin will be the person who will maintain the entire system and will have the power to control the full system. It can view the report sent by the user and can see the details of any user connected to the system. He/she can block a user from accessing the site.
The user will get the access to the system only when he/she is registered with the networking site. The user can register to the site by providing details of other networking sites or by providing the details of the system. A person will send a friend request, will accept the request and can send the message by use of this module.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows XP or higher
  • Web server : Apache 2.2
  • Database : MySQL
  • Scripting language : PHP

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Pentium 4 or above
  • RAM : 500 MB and above
  • Cache : 256 KB or more
  • Hard Disk : Minimum 20 GB
  • Input device : Mouse or keyboard.

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