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To develop web based Search Engine application using python scripting language to provide an excellent searching platform on the internet for the users.

Existing System

The traditional Search Engine was able to produce the results for the user’s requirements. But the question of efficient result is the biggest challenge for any search engine project. Few times only users happy with the search results given by search engines. Most of the time search engine failed to produce the required search result requested by the user. Most of the users not very much satisfied with the existing system.

Figure: Existing System ArchitectureSearch Engine using Python flow

Proposed System

In order to solve the problems in the existing system, the proposed system uses the latest algorithms such as search engine optimization technique, page ranking, indexing and web crawling. This will provide the best search results to the users. The unique and distinct search result is displayed by the proposed search engine to the user’s query.

Figure: Proposed System ArchitectureSearch Engine Project

A number of web links are indexed, whenever a keyword is searched by the user using this Search Engine application. The analysis is performed for the data in the indexed links. This task is achieved by page rank algorithm. Finally, the web page containing the top match to the key word is showedto the user in the first link of the result page.


  1. Search: User search for the particular query in the search engine. This user query is saved for further processing.
  2. Indexing: After a user searches for the particular keyword, database matching those keywords is identified. Then number of web links relevant to this query areindexed.
  3. Analyzing: Then to retrieve the best possible match, this search engine application uses page ranking, web crawling and search engine optimization.
  4. Result Retrieval:After analyzing, the best matching result is retrieved and it is displayed in the user interface window to the user.


  • It provides the best search result for the user by using the latest tools, algorithms and technologies.
  • It uses the features such as search engine optimization, web crawling, indexing, page ranking etc. to extract the exact and fast result.
  • This can be utilized from any geographical location, as long as there is availability of the internet service.

Software Requirements

  • Windows OS
  • Python IDE – Spyder IDE (Or) Jupyter Notebook
  • SQL

Hardware Requirements

  • Hard Disk – 500 GB or Above
  • RAM required – 4 GB or Above
  • Processor – Core i3 or Above

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