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The motivation behind this Remarketing System project is to build a guideline for the worldwide remarketing platform for capital, equipment sell. It will use the different technique which is available to increase the profit of all the product on the internet. The remarketing system will make the group of products according to the item type, seller, and cost. This system will involve the different number of people which will be certified by admin.

The certified merchants, customers and the other provider of products can use this system by entering a login Id and password. The other providers who are certified by the merchants can access the options on sites such as product description, the location of products can arrange in order, and can make the plan to sell the items through the system. This will improve buy and sell process by which each and every part of the system gets to profit. The system will monitor the user experience from the buying history and will promote the new products to them which will increase the probability of selling. This Remarketing System also allows the seller to an option for advertisements of their product so that they can reach to the number of peoples.

Existing System

In the present, there is no such Remarketing System which provides these options. Today if anyone wants to buy anything then they need to go to the seller. Whereas the seller will maintain a book in which they enter the details of customer manually. So if we need the details of anyone we have to go through all the page and find. Whereas to buy the asset a person need to go to the bidding place for bid and has to provide the required paper. This is a time-consuming process and also a risky one. This type of bidding is a costlier mechanism as a seller has to expend the money for it.

Proposed System

While the proposed Remarketing System will simplify all this and will make an easy process to work with. A customer who wants to sell or buy the assets will register to the system and then they can sell or buy it. The Remarketing System will maintain the information of all the user and he/she need to enter the product details only.

Remarketing System Modules

The overall Remarketing System work on two module admin and client. The admin module will be the merchants one. As it has the control to add or delete any new third party seller or will provide Id to them. In the client module, he/she will have access to provide the description of the product to sell.


Display Items Item Details

Remarketing System add items Remarketing System

System Requirements

The software requirements will be Windows environment, Apache Tomcat 5.0, Oracle, JDK, JSP, servlets. The hardware will be Pentium 4 with 1.8 GHz speed, 512MB RAM, 20 GB Hard disk.

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