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Network Monitoring System using PHP


Project Objective

Network Monitoring System using PHPThe main aim of Network Monitoring System using PHP is to analyze the working process of current networks which are under operations and send automatic message to its admin, if any of the networks is not working properly. You can find more PHP projects with php source code  on our website. Network monitoring system will keep track of routing table and check that all the network are able to meet their task on time. Other PHP projects with source code can be found on our main project page which consist of other projects as well.


Network Monitoring System using PHP will also store the processing and receiving time of each network and response time to deliver the data from one network to other networks. Network monitoring system will look after to the pages so that they do not get high burden in order to increase the processing time. If any of the pages will slow down or any of the websites will slow down due to any network then an automatic electronic message will be sent to its network admin in order to rectify that error along with other details such as unique id of particular network, location, time, date, reason of failure and other work which could not be processed due to malfunction of that network. You can download network monitoring system ppt at the end of this project. 

          This Network Monitoring System using PHP is  uses one smart algorithm to find its admin and send immediate electronic message to their admin. More details on this network monitoring system project in php can be found in report which is attached in this projects as network monitoring system project pdf. Routing protocols will be followed by this network monitoring system, so to find easily which network is idle and which should be assigned immediately in order to minimize the tasks of other networks. 

Existing System

Current Network Monitoring System using PHP is not able to find the loads of various web servers and the sites by which this problem has been caused. Concept of ping method has not been used to find out the connectivity of network.

Current network monitoring system is also not able to get the IP address of particular network. Routing mechanism has not been properly integrated in current network monitoring system and options that can be used to minimize the work load of particular server under the particular network.

Network Monitoring System using PHP

In this new Network Monitoring System using PHP, one advance feature that has been used is IP tracking system of a particular network, getting details of each networks and servers under the particular network with the help of the routing table. Admin will identify the errors using routing table and switching techniques currently used by a particular network.

This network monitoring system will able to identify the network admin and send notification immediately just after getting any errors from any network. This Network Monitoring System using PHP also uses other third party tools which will make their working process easier and able to understand and identify the problem easily by which they can take preventive measures to correct the problem on time.

Network monitoring system project in php

Network Monitoring System Code

Network Monitoring PPT


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