The Classified Website project aim is to help the user to get the different services from the single platform. This system will consist the information related to various fields and it will provide the service from each field. The software will reduce the time and labour required for a person to get the information about the service from any field. A user can choose the services between the different price range, cost and in this way the user will get the best service with most affordable price. While the software will contain thousand of service, they will not get any problem to use the system as it will be very interactive.

Existing system

In the current Classified Website system, if the user wants to know about any service he/she has to search for the different service provider. Then they try to get the information about their service and price. While sometimes they don’t get the all required information because of which they do not use the best service present. The service provider also has to do extensive work to provide the details about their best services to the customer. The service provider advertises about their product to various places, but it does not give the guarantee that the client who needs will get the information.

Proposed system 

By use of the proposed Classified Website system, a user can know about the details of any service in the one place. The software will provide the detailed information of each service and service provider to the customer. The Classified Website software will be beneficial for both the user and the service provider. The company can advertise their product by use of this system. The user and customer both will use this system, and it will assure that the customer will get the best possible service.

Classified Website

Classified Website Module

Login:The user and the service provider both will have an ID and Password to their profile. They will get the access of system and will be differentiated as user or service provider based on the ID they will give.
Register:The user and service provider will get an ID and password for accessing the system only after the registration. While for registration they have to provide the necessary details about them.
Advertise:This module will be used by the service provider so that they can provide the details about their service or product.
Service:The user will get the information about the services and product from the different companies.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Windows XP/ 2003 Server
  • Framework : Visual Studio 2005
  • Language : ASP.NET, C#.NET
  • Data Base : SQL Server 2005
  • Tools : AJAX
  • Web Browser : IIS 5.0

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor : Intel Celeron/P3/P4 with 600 MHz or above.
  • RAM : 128 MB or above
  • Hard Disk : 10 GB or above.

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