JSP Projects with Source Code

JSP Projects with Source Code


jsp projects with source codeJSP stands for Java Server Pages which is server side technology for dynamic website. You can write java code on web pages inside JSP tags which make easy to write dynamic pages. Now coming on to what is dynamic pages with respect to web pages. Any page which can server content based on the input data is dynamic page whereas static page can serve only static content to user.

JSP Projects are quite popular for academic projects which can be used to build online portals from scratch. These project can be run on servers like Apache Tomcat, WebSphere or Web logic etc. You can use Eclipse, Net beans or any other J2EE supporting IDE for running these projects on your local machine. You can download JSP projects with source code which you can directly import to your J2EE IDE. Then you need to add server which can be Apache Tomcat or any other server into Eclipse to run these JSP projects.

JSP Projects with Source Code


 Transport Company ProjectTransport Company Project
 Connect Globe ProjectConnect Globe Project
 Online Pharmacy ProjectOnline Pharmacy Project
 Mail Casting ProjectMail Casting Project
 Payment Billing Product ProjectPayment Billing Product Project
 Broadcasting Chat Server ProjectBroadcasting Chat Server Project
 City Classified and SearchCity Classified and Search
 Online Banking ProjectOnline Banking Project
 Online Library ProjectOnline Library Project
 Company Mailer ProjectCompany Mailer Project
Online Quiz ProjectOnline Quiz Project


How to Download Projects ?

Please click on the button and navigate to the destination page for downloading respective JSP project with source code. You can import this project to Eclipse or Net beans after downloading to run in your local machine. 

What are the Requirements to run these projects ?

  • You need Java 1.6 or higher version.
  • Apache Tomcat or WebSphere or Web logic Server.
  • Eclipse or Net Beans IDE
  • Browser – Internet Explorer or Chrome or Mozilla Firefox