Networking Projects for Computer Science

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Welcome to our networking projects section of our website. We have collection of many projects on networking and network security projects which are best suited for major projects such as networking projects for final year ece students and networking projects for final year cse students. Some of these networking projects are provided as ideas and some you can download source code as well.


networking projects

What are Networking Projects?

It can be defined as the projects which use networking concepts to create some functionality. Examples we can take is chat application which use TCP/IP to implement this functionality.

Another example is network monitoring system which continuously analyzes packets on the network and provide you the report. So network monitoring system can be considered as the network security project which helps organizations to monitor their network and act on it.

One more example is Intruder detection system which actually monitors system and based on signature of packets on network It can identify the intruders. This kind of systems are very useful for automated network monitoring system.


Networking Project List


  • Secondary Authorization Server
  • Security issues with Mobile IP
  • Chat Application
  • Network monitoring System
  • Intruder Detection System
  • Computing shortest path between nodes
  • Dynamic search algorithm for intelligent message routing
  • Controlling Network usage
  • File sharing in Hybrid Model
  • Client-Server based Instant Messenger
  • Congestion Free Router Networking
  • Network Security Protocol with Cryptography
  • Java applications for a Bluetooth Platform
  • Data leakage Detection Project
  • Wireless Network Efficiency Improvement 
  • Mobile Based LAN Monitoring
  • Image stream transfer using Real Time Protocol
  • Energy Efficient multi path routing algorithm
  • Intrusion Detection System for MAC Layer
  • Suspicious e-mail Detection
  • Peer to peer resource monitoring system
  • Secure And Policy Compliant Source Routing
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Zigbee Enabled Intelligent Monitoring and Control System
  • Credit card fraud detection System
  • Network load balancing System
  • Filtering unwanted packets on ATM Network
  • Multi file upload System
  • Chat server


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