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Bank Account Tracking System Android project




Project Overview

It’s an android project for all persons who want to get updates of all their banking transaction at their finger tip on instant time. Because of android version, persons can track their bank transactions using their smartphones using the power of internet. To use this system, persons have to integrate their account details by creating an account through this bank account tracking system. Even users are free to add multiple bank account details and get their updates using a single account created using this new system.    

           As, this program is available in .apk form, so don’t have to worry about, how you can use to your smart phone or through any android emulator. Many of you are thinking for its security part, so to make stress free, it will use https concept and the concept of encryption and decryption while transferring and receiving data from the server to clients and vice versa.

Project Features

Bank account tracking system is a general purpose normal android project which eliminates the need of going through paper based pass book or ledger or monthly records to have an overview of your bank transactions. It’s a system which gives the clear picture of all transactions which has been made for particular day, particular week or for particular month and in many formats and styles. To handle this complex task in easy manner, we have divided all the working modules in three part and these are:-

  1. Create Profile: – The first and foremost thing which you have to do, is to create a profile using this system. If you want to use this system, there should be a user account which will be created using two phase verification system.
  2. Add New Account: -Using this system, users will able to add their bank details. During adding process, the system will asked to submit these information’s like: bank account number, bank name, IFSC code, account holder name, current balance, branch address and contact number, cheques number, MICR code, remarks if any etc.
  3. Add New Transactions: – If the particular user has made any new transactions, then they can update their information using this option. Using this feature, they will able to make entry for : to whom the payment has been made, their account number, bank details, amount, date, time, payment mode, type and remarks.
  4. Search Transactions: – Sometimes due to misconceptions or some technical problems, the recipients didn’t able to get payment and want clarification. Using this options, you will able to provide the exact details regarding their payment status. To make search process easier, you can search it by date, time, amount, name, payment mode etc.

Download Project

 Bank Account Tracking System Abstract  Download Abstract
 Bank Account Tracking System Code  Download Source Code

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