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The aim of this Cooking Recipe Portal project is to construct an online system by use of which a user can learn various kinds of the recipe. This system can be beneficial for a restaurant or to the instructor who teaches the cooking as they can spread their recipe to the other. The user can also post their recipe on the website. As the Cooking Recipe Portal system will be based on the internet, the user can learn the recipe from any place and can view the recipe any number of times. The users can give feedback to the recipe.

Existing system

In the current Cooking Recipe Portal system, the recipes are maintained in the book. A person has to write all the recipe in the book which is not a convenient way to manage the methods to cook as at the time of need of a recipe it will take a lot of time as well as the information is not safe. The data can be lost or it can be changed by any person. While the information about the number of recipes that we can store is less in the present system and it does not provide the information about the latest method.

Proposed system

The proposed Cooking Recipe Portal system will be useful for a wife, a restaurant owner, a person who want to learn. The user can upload or download a recipe on the website, can give feedback to each recipe. According to the feedback has provided by the user the recipe will be ranked so that a person can know about that recipe. There will be a massive amount of recipes available in the system. Any user can start posting the recipe in the system after registering to the website while a new user can advertise about their recipe on the site. The Cooking Recipe Portal system will be very user-friendly such that a person who does no have much experience of the internet can also use the system with ease.

Cooking Recipe Portal Snapshot

Cooking Recipe Portal

Cooking Recipe Portal Module

Registration:if a user wants to share the recipe has to register to the system by providing essential details to the system.
Login:The user will need to login to access their profile. Only the logged in person can upload or delete the recipe. During login, the user needs to give ID and password to the system.
Profile:Through this module, the user can edit the details about them.
Recipe:this module will divide the information about the different method according to the types of vegetarian, non-vegetarian or according to the state so that it will be easy to find any recipe.

Software requirement

  • Operating system : Any Windows system.
  • Front End : ASP.NET
  • Back End : MySQL

Hardware requirement

  • Processor : Intel Pentium 4 with 1.7 GHz speed or more.
  • Ram : 512 MB
  • Hard disk : At least 5 GB

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