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The main objective of the project is to have a fully automated Content Management System. This system will enable to draw the details of the client along with jobs allotted to that particular client with just a single mouse click. This system will definitely reduce the time, energy and money wasted in manually searching the details of the clients. With the help of this software, all the jobs and clients can be properly channelized.

Existing System

The present scenario offers manual data entry. Not only this, if a client is working on multiple projects, then multiple reports are generated. A lot of time is wasted in creating the reports as well as maintaining them. In case, if any query arises to get the information about the client, the whole report is re-typed or xeroxed. This seriously affects the authentication of the system. This system is totally outdated and involves high risk of ambiguity and redundancy.

Proposed System 

The proposed system is to have everything completely automated and computerized. The software is very easy to use and manage even for a non technical person. The redundancy and ambiguity will be removed by assigning every client a unique number (or client code). The projects will be categorized and sub categorized as well for the ease of use and both will be allotted a unique identification number (project and sub-project code). We will need a dedicated remote server for this application.


The Proposed software will be having the following modules:

Admin: Admin module will have the full control and permissions to add a new client, edit the existing client or delete any of the client. He will also be responsible for addition and modification of any project entry. It will be responsibility of the admin to allocate any project (with the sub project code) to the client.

Client: The client can see his information added by the admin. Each and every client will be identified by a unique client id. He can only edit his information other than his code and project code. All the information like on which projects the client is working will be reflected there.

Project: Each project will be entered by the admin with a unique project code. It is completely his authority to mark it altogether a new project or put it under some project (making it a sub-project). All sub-projects will also be marked by a unique code. Here we can also see which project is mapped to which client.
Hardware configuration

Servers: We will need a remote server to act as e-mail server, database Server and the web logic server.

Terminals: These are simply the desktops where the GUI will be running.

System specifications

  • Processor Pentium –IV and above
  • RAM 128 MD SD EAM
  • Monitor 800* 600 resolution
  • Hard disk 10 GB
  • Floppy drive 1.44 MB
  • CD drive LG 52X
  • Key board Standard 102 keys
  • Mouse 3 buttons, scrollable

Software Requirements

  • Operating system Windows XP Professional/ 2000
  • Coding Language J2EE and JSP
  • Front end (GUI) HTML5/CSS3
  • Back end Oracle 8i
  • Server Apache Tomcat 5.0

Download Project

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