College Library Application System

Project Abstract

College Library Application SystemCollege Library application is designed to manage huge volumes of books available in libraries that are very hard to manage manually. This reduces the work of librarian and helps him to maintain library records in a systematic and synchronized manner. This application integrates the transaction management and inventory management of the Library for better control and productivity.

Existing system

The whole idea is to eliminate manual entry of book details in the existing College Library Application. This creates lot of redundant records. Details of the books issued to students are not maintained properly and the data retrieval is time consuming. Librarian has to go through exhausting list of book issues and returns each time. Manual calculation of Penalties. All these sums up and affect the productivity of the librarian.

Proposed System

A database with all the details of the books has to be created. A bar code with a serial number is generated for each book based on few parameters like name, edition, subject, author, total no. of books. The librarian should stick this bar code on the books. Whenever a student requests for issue of a book, all the books that are previously issued to him will be shown. This data can be retrieved with the help of his unique roll number. Fine amount will also be shown in case of defaulters.

College Library Application Modules

  • Student
  • Faculty
  • Administrator
  • Search
  • Reports Generation

Module Description

  • Student

        Deals with student information such as name, Roll No, books issued, penalty information

  • Faculty

         Deals with faculty information such as faculty id, books issued to them, returned books etc

  • Administrator

       This module gives access to Librarian. It is responsible for add, edit, update, delete books , manage issues           and returns, collecting penalties etc.

  • Search

        Search module deals with book search with certain keywords

  • Reports Generation

        Customized reports can be generated on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Software Requirements

  •  Operating Environment : Windows XP 
  •  Relational database package: Oracle 9i
  •  Front End : Java
  •  Browser  : IE7 or higher
  •  Server  : Tomcat 5.1

Hardware Requirements

  •  CPU : Pentium 4 or higher 
  •  RAM  : Minimum 256 MB
  •  Hard disk : 40 GB minimum

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