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Online School Fees System


The aim of this School Fees System project is to automate the fee collection process of schools and management of online fee payment for schools. It has a very user-friendly interface which enables the user to easily make fee payments online. It enables the parents to know about fee dues and make payments accordingly. This tool is mainly designed for public and private schools of all sizes which helps the administrative staff to complete the billing functionalities efficiently.

Online School Fees System

The Main interface includes a left panel to select different menu options such as student, report, fees, setting etc. The user shall be able to login into this payment system and check for the fees that is due and can make the payments. A report shall also be generated for the time period chosen. The payments shall be done through safe and secure methods that are used in the tool. The tool is being built by highly qualified team whose main aim is to ensure secured transaction for the users.

Existing System

Schools need a School Fees System to automate the process of collecting fees. So far, the parents would come in person to pay the amount in cash or cheque. The system would get complex with the parents opting to pay using different methods. All these factors will make the traditional way of fee payment complicated.

Online School Fees System

The School Fees System is developed using PHP and MySQL Database. This new system shall enable the parents to pay fees online by using this tool. The School Fees System is quick and simple to use. It is a dashboard like application with many features given to the users. The user shall be able to login securely and make payments. The user shall be able to generate report for the period selected. The user can also check for defaulters in the student list. The security and privacy are maintained for each user in the system. All the transaction related records are maintained in the database. Hence it is easier for the school to manage the billing system.

System Specifications

School Fees System Modules

Student: This module shall have the details of the student like name, class, school etc.

Fees: This module shall enable the user to make actual payments. This will have all the transaction related details and the mode of payments. The module shall include the account details of the school to which the amount to be credited. The name or trust which has to be mentioned for fee payment shall also be included. It includes the term for which the student is paying the fees. Also, a description field which shall hold information about the fee.

Report: This module generates the report for the time period selected by the user. The details of the fees paid for the selected period shall be captured. The report shall display all the details regarding the fees paid for that quarter. The report shall include the tuition fee for the term, admission fee if it exists or any other fee such as the transport fee etc.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor                    Pentium III
  • RAM                          128 MD SD EAM
  • Monitor                      15 inch color
  • Hard disk                    20 GB
  • Floppy drive               1.44 MB
  • CD drive                     LG ROM
  • Key board                   Standard 102 keys                       

 Software configuration

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL Server

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School Fees System School Fees System Abstract
School Fees System Code School Fees System Source Code


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