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      Research in digital data hiding was first triggered by its potential use for copyright protection of multimedia data exchanged in digital form. In this kind of application, usually termed digital watermarking, a code conveying some important information about the legal data owner, or the allowed users of data, is hidden within the data itself, instead of being attached to the data as a header or a separate file. The need to carefully hide the information within the host data is explained by the desire not to degrade the quality of the host signal, and by the assumption that it is more difficult to remove the information needed for copyright protection without knowing exactly where it is hidden.
      In our project we are specifically dealing with the digital colored images as this field has not been explored much and till date most of the work done is concerned with the gray images.
      Thus we can conclude that the study of digital watermarking and this project are going to produce many fruitful results in the very near future for the human race in the field of science and technology which will be used for security purposes which is every body’s need in today’s world.
Group Members:-
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Project Statement:- 


     We are implementing Watermarking Technique for Copyright Protection of colored images. In this we will be embedding a copyright message in the image which will check the authenticity of the legal owner.
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          Network Security Solutions (India) Ltd. 




     In this project we are using “C” language for the coding on linux platform .The format of the image being used is PPM format.
      We will also be using the concepts of DSF (trees) for storing the sub bands. We will be using some tools such as NetPBM library for various functions like converting jpeg format to PPM format etc.
Brief Project Desctiption:- 


      In our project we are using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) technique for embedding and extraction of the watermark.DWT is the most recent technique which has many advantages over the previous techniques like DCT , DFT etc. 

The various stages of the technique are as follows:-
1.      Signature Generation: The mark is a sequence of pseudo random numbers     


            which are generated using a seed which in turn is calculated on the basis of the   
            textual message to be embedded. 


2.      Decomposition: The host image is decomposed to obtain a multi-resolution
      approximation image using three level DWT.
3.      Coefficient Selection: The coefficients of LL sub band are selected.
4.      Embedding: The watermark is embedded in the approximation image(LL sub
            band ) using the additive embedding  formula:
         F`(i,j) = Fmean + ( F(i,j) – Fmean ) * ( 1 + α * wi


                  Fmean  is the average value of all the coefficients.
                  α  is weighting factor.
                  wi is the watermark.
5.      Extraction: The blind watermark extraction is used which does not need the              


            original image. 



      Linux Operating systems.
Software & Hardware requirements :- 

      This project has the following s/w requirements:-
                                   Compiler for ‘C & C++’
                                   NetPBM package.
      This project has the following h/w requirements:-
                              *  Multimedia PC configuration
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