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Phone Directory System project in C++



Project Objective

This system is developed using the general need required by the user while using the phone directory book. In order to keep updated the phone book directory, the admin will have the authority to add and delete as well as modify the existing records within the phone book directory. The users of the directory will only have the authority to search any particular record and listing details of all available records. Admin will have the authority to perform various operations such as add customer records, search any particular record, delete record, modify existing record etc. To provide the search result within short interval of time optimized search algorithm code has been used which will able to provide the results within seconds. To make all operations as easier as possible, user friendly approach has been taken into account by which users have to only give their answer during final confirmation to make their operations successful. The background processing system will take care of all processing task and maintain data integrity in order to reduce the redundancy of data. For searching operation, users will able to get any particular record using their contact or phone number but the only condition is that, customers record must be available within the file system. If no such record will be available, proper error message will be displayed as per user input provided to the system.

Existing System

Customer need more convenient way to get their required results in proper time. In today’s era where technology plays a vital role in each person life, they are bound to use the old fashioned manual book to search any particular record. Even the publishers have to print the new records in their new volume and published each year. Customers always gets irritated to pay amount for new volume in each year. Even searching process of particular record is also one big problem for the customers, they have to first go through the index page to details on alphabetical letter and after that they have to go through the various pages using page number to get their desired results which also a time consuming process.

Project Snapshots


Proposed System

Under this new system all the functionality has been added to meet the customer requirements in just few seconds. To provide the desired result on time, binary search method has been used to produce results on minimal time. As customers do not have to purchase new volumes each year and even they do not have to wait for the new year to get updated records. As the new customers details will be updated by the admin side, so users will able to get updated information each time. To eliminate data redundancy and perform validation process background codes by the class will responsible to do this task. If admin will make any mistake while entering they will be given a warning along with correction which is required to be made. It will also guide the customers to use this system in convenient manner through its graphical screen.

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Phone Directory System Abstract Download Abstract
Phone Directory System Source Code Download Source Code

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