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Online Library System Project in Java



Project Objective

Online library system makes possible to create a digital library with proper cataloging features. It’s the system which helps top arrange and present books in proper manner with inline searching facility. Using this system, you are free to store unlimited number of books and other study materials online with advanced security features to access these resources. It’s the system which will store detailed records of all your books. To make searching process easier, while creating a catalog, you are being provided with adding title and descriptions for particular book to make searching by keywords possible. To make audit work easier for issuing and submission workflow, the concept of reading data through scanner has been implemented, but for using this feature, you need to have a bar code scanner. This system having user friendly clear interface to make use of system easily.

Existing System

Previously, the existing system doesn’t provide the keyword and tags feature to make searching process faster. There was no provision of adding cover picture and title while uploading the learning content. The default displaying was same as the name of content uploaded, so much manual renaming process involved. There was no provision of sharing file and its levels. Manual entry and updation work required, thus facility of using bar code scanner device was also not available under existing system. Even there was no provision of adding any external links for other resources which can be referred while reading particular document.

Proposed System

The latest features has been added in this new online library system and one such as feature is the use of slider for new arrivals. Whenever any new documents or books been added to library, it will automatically be displayed on the slider using their cover image and title to attract their learner. Among all, the working process is same, there should a login id and password for every working personnel and members who will access these learning resources. It’s in built report generation system, helps their admins and working members to export reports in the format of PDF, Excel, Word in customizable manner.Its admin can categorize library resources which means, you can create multiple libraries using this single library system. You can add your own business rule to grant books and receive them back. Its having inbuilt tally package, to accounting system easier to increase revenue system.

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Online Library System Abstract Download Abstract
Online Library System Source Code Download Source Code

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