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Driving Directions Android Project 



Project Overview

Driving Directions Android ProjectMany of us faces some trouble while travelling to an unknown place. In such situation proper guidance to travel that exact locations. Using driving direction based android project you will able to get your exact locations and not only that you will also able to know the exact distance from your current location. To use this system, you only have to enter the destination location or you can fix your destination by using google map and rest work will be handled by the GPS system to locate your final destination. Driving direction android project will use the google map to help you in locating whereas the GPS compass will tell you the directions and many important information’s which you will required  during your journey session.

Existing System

There comes a situation when you don’t know how to reach your desired location and such situation results in frustrations and hassle while travelling. In such a case you asked from others or take help of taxis by giving extra fare and sometimes the map or guide to reach at particular location. Sometimes, it’s not easy to use the map and even if we have map, there’s a lot more information required like what’s the route, what’s the direction from where we have to move and take the right path and many more.

Proposed System

Among many direction based android app available at google play store, this new driving direction android project will be simple to use and provide accurate information’s using your magnetic sensors. This magnetic sensors will able to work on the information provided through GPS system available through your android phone. This driving direction will only provide the right path and direction but it will also able to provide the speed and direction which you currently running by driving your vehicle. Using its GPS direction compass, you can use it wherever you go by which it will provide the location information. You will also able to locate your destination location on google map using your GPS system.

Features of this project

  1. You will able to use multiple features like directions and routes of your destination, travelling speed and GPS location and many more.
  2. Easy and simple to use interface.
  3. Its compass will provide you the target direction and distance.
  4. Using the power of accelerometer, you will able to check out your vehicle speed.
  5. Your device will also able to provide the earth direction even when your smart phone is in any shape either horizontal or vertical.

Download Project

Driving Directions Android Project Abstract Abstract Download
Driving Directions Source Code Source Code Download

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