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Insurance and Banking Notifier Android Project




Insurance and Banking Notifier


Project Overview

Insurance and Banking Notifier is an android app which keeps you updated regarding important date and events on which you have to work to make all your insurance or banking related documents up to date. It’s the app, which provides you many features to make use of it in your daily life. Through insurance and banking Notifier, you can able to add new notifications, make update, delete and changes operations whenever required. Even you can add multiple notifications for particular date with insurance and banking notifier android app.

Existing System

Earlier we were using our mobile phones for adding notifications for particular day and if by chance there is any misshapen occurred to our mobile phones then all important notifications gets deleted. Upon happening this event, we were not able to get our notification details and it’s nothing but the loss of important data, which sometimes creates problems for us. To overcome from this problem, we have to check and keep the documents anytime with ourselves, which is not possible always. There was no facilitation of creating the backups of the notifications which we have created. If due to any reason, lost your mobile, there may be chances of information theft, which can cause a huge damage to your property.

Proposed System

Our android based insurance and banking notifier will provide various security steps to make your data protected from others. Even not this only, you will also able to create a backup of all your notifications which you have created and save directly to your external memory, so that you can use to your other phone, if some problems occurred to your existing smart phone. Using this notifier, you will able to add notifications related to your vehicles registrations, banking related work, insurance deposit date and time and many more. This is not the limit, using multiple features you can make changes to your saved data and add unlimited notifications for a particular date and time.

Features of this project

  1. Users will able to add, delete, update and modify the notifications related to your work whenever required.
  2. You can fix the type of notifications for a particular and time.
  3. Users will able to create a backup file of their notifications and save to a proper place as per their need and requirements.
  4. To make your work convenient and handy, easy interface and security methods has been implemented.
  5. Restore your last saved data anytime.
  6. Create automatic backup settings using the features provided through this android app.

Download Project

Insurance and Banking Notifier Abstract Abstract Download
Insurance and Banking Notifier Source Source Code Download

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