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Joystick App Android Project with Source Code



Project Overview

Joystick App AndroidAs we all know, joystick is used for gaming purpose and available in various types in today’s market like in the form of USB or Wi-Fi enables or Bluetooth enabled. But to purchase these type of joystick, you have to make extra payment. But with the help of Android standard input method, we have successfully able to make our smart phone as Joystick. Now, using your android based phone, through the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it will act as a gamepad and play your game from specific distance using your phone. Your android phone will act as a gamepad and the controlling functions will be transmitted through the wireless technology.

Existing System

If we have to play PC enabled game, then we have to purchase USB based gamepad or Bluetooth enabled gamepad. As far wireless system is fantastic but the problem with USB is that, we cannot enjoy our game by sitting at particular location that is far away from our PC. Again in Bluetooth enabled gamepad, if there is problem with Bluetooth, your gamepad goes in vein. We have to do various manual settings and other software installation to use this wireless technology over our system.

Proposed System

Using the Joystick APP android project, we can able to make our android phone as gamepad. Using this project, we will make our android phone two way connecting facility: either through Bluetooth or through Wi-Fi facility. Now, if your android phone will act as gamepad, then there is no need to make extra payment for purchasing wireless or USB based gamepad. There is a setting menu by which you can also launch your gamepad as keyboard using your android phone. Even not that, you can also enable your android phone as wireless mouse to control the various activity of your system.

Features of this project

  1. As, its optimized code will able to connect on any latest version of window operating system like windows 7 or windows 8.
  2. It provides the power to make your android phone as mouse, gamepad or keyboard.
  3. Fast transmission and controlling facility using the power of wireless technology.
  4. By default, all gaming control keys will appear on screen, but users can increase the controlling button, as per their choice and requirements.
  5. Easy interface to use the configuration and other settings.

 Download Project

Joystick App Android Abstract Download Abstract
Joystick App Android Source Code Download Source Code

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